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Jul 29

Healthy Alternative Please

A healthy weight and weight management plan comes with portion control and choosing your liquid calories wisely. A recent study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition compared beverage and food intake and weight changes in more than 800 men and women. The research found that when the men and women cut 100 calories from …

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Jul 21

Does the temperature of drinking water matter?

Q & A: Cool, Clear Water Q. Does the temperature of drinking water matter? I have heard that lukewarm water is absorbed more quickly and that cold water helps burn calories. Is that true? A. Volume appears to matter more than temperature. A review of hydration during exercise from the American College of Sports Medicine …

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Jul 06

Make the Most of Your Metabolism

The question is not how many calories you should have per day, it’s how should you eat your allocated calories throughout the day. Think of it like this: Say you get 2,000 calories for the day and you have to swim for for 10 hours straight besides eating times. This is very unrealistic but imagine …

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Jun 10

Wednesday’s Weigh-In

Now more than one month into my Biggest Losers Couples Challenge contest, I’ve budged my scale to read a lower number! I was so excited that I basically hopped right off the scale in case it was note a true weight. However, I did step back on to confirm. I give all of the credit …

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