5 Ingredient White Chili

If I were to write a cookbook, it'd be along the lines of "The Laziest Healthy Dinner." What would the easiest recipe be that is [...]

Kielbasa Sheet-Pan Dinner

If my meals are not winning votes with the kids, I turn to my go-to dinner that they love: Kielbasa Sheet-Pan Meal. While I have [...]

Finger-Licking Good Veggies

Honoring everyone's way of eating, I strive and encourage all to eat more vegetables than a vegetarian. Why? Vegetables and plant fiber is nourishing to the [...]

Healthy Doughnuts

Diabetes and doughnuts are like vinegar and water, but not when you find better ways to make them at home. Here are three combos I've [...]

Easy Healthy Pancakes

There is a new pancake in town and it is high in fiber, low in sugar and grain-free. I have been having a form of [...]

Easy Hummus Recipe

I have established a few habits since social distancing and one of those, is making a weekly dip like hummus. I have been varying the [...]

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