Summertime Slaw Recipe

Since talking about all of the benefits of blood sugar control perks of consuming vinegar on my weekly IG Live, my palate has been craving [...]

Seasonal Summer Kale Salad

After moving to Bexley, OH from Chicago, nearly 5 years ago, I have slowly taken on gardening. Shame on me for not doing proper research [...]

Simple Fat Bomb Recipe

How do you enjoy your fat bombs? Have you ever made them? They are great for blood sugars and cravings. Let me share more, including [...]

5 Ingredient White Chili

If I were to write a cookbook, it'd be along the lines of "The Laziest Healthy Dinner." What would the easiest recipe be that is [...]

Kielbasa Sheet-Pan Dinner

If my meals are not winning votes with the kids, I turn to my go-to dinner that they love: Kielbasa Sheet-Pan Meal. While I have [...]

Lemon Chicken & Rice Soup

We kicked off the New Year with my best friend and her family, as we do every year, but this time in my garage (for [...]

Kelly’s Warm Harvest Salad

I celebrated 37 years of life when this picture was taken, but more importantly, I am beaming with joy as it was also my diabetes [...]

Finger-Licking Good Veggies

Honoring everyone's way of eating, I strive and encourage all to eat more vegetables than a vegetarian. Why? Vegetables and plant fiber is nourishing to the [...]

5 Minute Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipe

5 Minute Gluten-Free Breakfast Recipe I’ve made a playful clip below of how I make a very common breakfast I have been having lately. I’ve [...]

The Best Bread for Blood Sugars

This past winter invited more time in the kitchen and cooking with my kids. While some of these baking sessions included (low sugar) treats, today's [...]

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