Learning the Art of Eating

Holiday Healthy Habits Wellness Workbook


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Blood Sugar Balancing Meals

Information on Fasting

Travel Packing List for Type 1 Diabetes

Sleep- The Secret Sauce to Health

Fiber & Blood Sugar Control Guide

KSW Weekly Planner

Power of Protein Printout

Wellness Journal

Weekly Food Log

Kelly’s 3-Part Meal Formula Guide

Discover the formula to build your meals around macro nutrients

Food Priority Guide

Healthy Fats Guide

Use this Guide on healthy fats to use in your cooking and to stock your pantry.

Functional Lab Goals

Here is a list of labs to request annually and functional goals to reference comparing standard reference ranges.

Go Green // Toxin Load

Here is a list of areas to review for toxin exposure.


30-Day Hyration Tracker

30-Day Meditation Tracker

20-Day Self-Care Tracker

30-Day Sleep Tracker

Mile a Day Challenge

Mile a Day Challenge

Burpee or Pushup Challenge

Burpee or Pushup Challenge

Green Smoothie Challenge

Green Smoothie Challenge

Pushups, Situps, and Squats Challenge

Push-up, Sit-up, or Squats Challenge

Wellness How-Tos

Affirmations and Weight Loss Guide

Cognitive Behavior Therapy Guide

How To Weigh Yourself Guide

Self-Care Routine

Personal Development Journal Guide

Low Histamine Diet Guide

Intermittent Fasting Guide

CBD Oil Guide

Candida Diet Guide

Environmental Influences on Wellness Guide

Guide to Gluten Free