Peak health and weight loss go beyond our plates. Alongside personalized nutrition, I will help you optimize your diabetes and lifestyle, guiding you on when and what to eat and how to improve your relationship with food.



Kelly is a Registered Dietitian, Speaker, Author, and wellness coach, guiding clients with type 1 to live a life where diabetes is less hard.

Kelly Gets It.

She has had her own health struggles, including type 1 diabetes, fat-loss, and nutrition confusion…after all, her childhood nickname was Stubbs! With this, she approaches each client uniquely, helping them to once again get in-tune with their body, work with their hormones, balance appetites, hunger and learn how to interpret the body’s messages. She believes, life is too short to not have the best quality of life every day and having the right information and action steps in place is crucial for success and happiness.

No-Nonsense Nutrition

Kelly is a down to earth with proven success, helping clients far beyond their plates. In 1991 she was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and as a child, she learned the power of, “food is thy medicine.” She has an indistinguishable passion for no-nonsense nutrition and in 2012, Kelly opened her private practice where she consults on wellness in coaching, speaking, writing and more.

Mission statement

To inspire and support you in achieving your goals with personalized nutrition and practical solutions.

Kelly is a Registered, Licensed Dietitian, published author, speaker, the creator behind the course “Healthy Cuisine: A Wellness Guide for Diabetes,” and owner of Kelly Schmidt Wellness.

Questions? Send me an email. I may not give an immediate response, but I personally read all of my emails! [email protected]


Known as the Diabetic Dietitian, Kelly has been seen on local news channels in the Columbus area including Fox28 and channel 10 Weekend Mornings, quoted in highly sought-after publications including the Bulletproof Blog,  Redbook Magazine, Self, Glamour, Chicago Tribune, Today’s Dietitian, Diabetic Living Magazine,  Re-findhealth.com plus some and she has been interviewed on popular podcasts including Jimmy Moore’s Low Carb Conversations Podcast, Oprah Magazine, the Paleo Magazine Podcast and more. Healthline.com even ranked Kelly as one of the top Lowcarb Dietitians.

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…and more!


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