Did you know this about Kelly?

At the age of 17, I launched a mission to be the best leader and dietitian in helping those with diabetes improve not only their health but their life. This breakthrough showed up on February 5, 2002, when I was a senior in high school.

    • On 2/5/02 Kelly found herself unexpectedly in a waiting room at OSU hospital as her type 1 dad forewent a double kidney-pancreas transplant. Her parents had no promises on whether or not an organ transplant would come, so they kept quiet about his kidney-failure.
    • These hours changed Kelly forever, and as someone fighting the same disease, worried she’d lose her dad that day, she made the decision to become an outspoken dietitian preventing any daughter, father, and anyone in-between to ever be in this same position.

Kelly believes she was meant to have type 1 diabetes so she can better help YOU.

    • In 2012, Kelly launched her business, helping people in large and 1:1 settings, and is America’s type 1 diabetes influencer and coach.
    • She conducts presentations to large and small companies addressing practical ways for people to feel their best, saving time, energy, and costs related to health.
    • On an individual scale, Kelly provides virtual counseling providing practical solutions & personalized nutrition.

Kelly is no stranger to media, partnering with brands and being featured in Oprah Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Glamour, Redbook Magazine, USAToday, popular podcasts, and more.

I WILL find the realistic wellness strategy that works for you, to surpass the results you ever wanted. Let’s connect.

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Client Testimonials

“Kelly has been a life-changer for me. More than just a dietitian, she has become a true life coach. Her help has been tremendous and she’s amazing to work with. Anytime I hear that someone is struggling with controlling their blood sugar or their diet, I always refer them to Kelly.”


“Kelly has been a tremendous asset to our local JDRF Chapter. Whether speaking to a small, intimate crowd or in a theater with hundreds of attendees, she makes her conversation engaging and relatable. She is always prepared, has a wealth of knowledge and relies on personal experiences to connect with the audience. We’re thankful to have such a great resource in Kelly!”

Kelsey Gaskins, JDRF Development Manager

“Kelly is passionate about educating patients as well as providers on what is it is like to live with diabetes. Her own personal story as a Type 1, patient, as well as a caregiver for diabetic patients, is powerful and resonates with anyone involved. She is an advocate and a resource for those involved with managing diabetes.”

Dr. Muckley, Audience Member of Kelly's Keynote at EastWest Eye Conference

“Best hour I have spent in thirty years of coming to CE seminars. Thank you for all the info.”

Audience Member, Kelly's Keynote at EastWest Eye Conference

“The two client events you did for me were my best attended and most enthusiastically engaged.”

Michael Bruce, VP Morgan Stanley. Corporate Client Speaking Event

“Changing your health is a process. I started in July, and this is by far not the longest I’ve ever stuck to a health plan. But unlike other programs I’ve tried, I feel like I can do this for the rest of my life. It’s not a program, it’s a choice and a way to live.”

Lesley, Weight-loss Client, 40/f

“I have had several opportunities to hear Kelly speak to various sized audiences and it has been a pleasure every time. I have been impressed with her ability to connect with an audience and her thorough knowledge of her topic. Her happy and warm personality holds my attention and she makes her topics understandable. She speaks from the heart! I think she is very talented and would recommend her to anyone as a speaker.”

Matt Murtha, Director of Cushman & Wakefield

“I’m absolutely psyched about my morning sugar levels. Are you kidding me? I thought to go into the 200s every day was inevitable. Unbelievable.”

Client, Type 1 Diabetic

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