Blood tests are the most commonly ordered labs for health assessment worldwide.

The normal range of your lab results is based on statistics and often represents the average for a (maybe more ill) population rather than the optimal level required to maintain the best health.

Yet, normal is not always optimal. KSW’s functional nutrition approach to using labs:

  • Uses more/specific markers to gain a bigger picture of your health,
  • Recognizes hidden health trends,
  • Detects early stages of dysfunction that might be overlooked,
  • Considers your “story” along with lab results, leading to a personalized solution.

Below include labs Kel uses with her clients.


KSW Baseline Panel

Understand your metabolic needs with this lab including vitamin D, hemoglobin A1C%, fasting blood sugar, insulin, cholesterol panel, and a thyroid panel including TSH.

On Sale Today for $129

DUTCH Test for Hormones


DUTCH // Dried Urine Test for Comprehensive Hormones provides a clear picture of a patient’s hormonal status, and gives us insights into the what and why.

To best understand what test is best for you, you can review these options here and reach out to Kel and she can guide you.

Prices vary depending on what test you need.


MRT FOOD SENSITIVITY TESTING: LEAP 176 MRT Blood Test for Food/Chemical Sensitivities

On Sale Today for $899

This includes the test, report, Kel’s analysis & a 60-minute follow-up to discuss her recommendations for you based on symptoms and results.

“Four weeks into using the results and Kelly’s recommendations, “I’ve lost 4 pounds without feeling hungry and I feel way less anxious, especially at work.”

Abby, Weight-loss Client

“Before doing the food sensitivity test, I gave up all caffeine for my adrenal fatigue and was drinking Vanilla Hazelnut Decafe Coffee and was soo doggone tired. Low and behold, VANILLA was one of my biggest inflammatory foods…how would I have ever known that?”

Chere, Auto-immune Client

“My biggest concern was sleeping through the night. After doing this test (which I initially didn’t see the connection between gut health and energy/sleep) and I quickly learned what foods inflamed my body, and I can fall asleep easier and sleep through the night for the first time in a year.”

Jessika, Weight-loss Client

“Little did I know that having an autoimmune disease suggests I have some form of a leaky gut.  I can now identify which foods I am sensitive to, but I also understand that these foods spike my blood sugar/make it harder to get my blood sugars back down to goal. Talk about using food as medicine!”

Stacie, Type-1 Client

At-Home Stool Test + Analysis

On Sale Today for $799

This stool test was designed to detect microbes that may be disturbing normal gut health balance or contributing to illness as well as indicators of digestion, absorption, inflammation, and immune (including autoimmune) function.

Paleo and Primal Eating by Kelly Schmidt


In this book, Kelly explains the paleo and primal diet with supportive evidence-based research, through a conversational style, while providing insight on her personal journey of type 1 diabetes and how she eats to thrive.

“Amazing book! What great value! Easy yet informative read!!!”

Book Reader, ★★★★★

“Great read! I could not put this book down and finished it within 2 hours. Author, Kelly Schmidt, was very informative on how your diet can help benefit your body and lifestyle, yet Kelly is corky and realistic by mentioning in the first paragraph you can still eat chocolate (a must for me!)…”

Book Reader, ★★★★★
“Kelly sets the bar high when it comes presenting the research on this latest craze. Her easy-to-read conversational style makes this book a favorite on many bookshelves. Kelly discusses working paleo into a budget, which for many, is a top reason for lack of healthy easy (great job in dispelling this myth!). She even provides recipes that are simple and delicious! Thank you, Kelly, for providing another resource for use in my library.”
Book Reader, ★★★★★

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