Paleo and Primal Eating by Kelly Schmidt

MY BOOK: What’s the Deal with Paleo and Primal Eating?

How can the paleo and primal lifestyle improve my wellbeing? Kelly O. Schmidt, a registered dietitian and leading voice in the paleo and primal lifestyle movement is a passionate health advocate who stumbled upon this lifestyle while uncovering the best method for managing her type 1 diabetes. In this book, Kelly explains the paleo and primal diet with supportive evidence-based research, through a conversational style, while providing insight on her personal journey and advice she is finding most valuable to her clients and in the paleo and primal community overall.

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“Amazing book! What great value! Easy yet informative read!!!”

Book Reader, ★★★★★

“Great read! I could not put this book down and finished it within 2 hours. Author, Kelly Schmidt, was very informative on how your diet can help benefit your body and lifestyle, yet Kelly is corky and realistic by mentioning in the first paragraph you can still eat chocolate (a must for me!)…”

Book Reader, ★★★★★
“Kelly sets the bar high when it comes presenting the research on this latest craze. Her easy-to-read conversational style makes this book a favorite on many bookshelves. Kelly discusses working paleo into a budget, which for many, is a top reason for lack of healthy easy (great job in dispelling this myth!). She even provides recipes that are simple and delicious! Thank you, Kelly, for providing another resource for use in my library.”
Book Reader, ★★★★★

FOOD SENSITIVITY TESTING: LEAP 170 MRT Blood Test for Food/Chemical Sensitivities

Are you tired and cannot figure out why? Are you bloated but can’t put your finger on what food or thing is the problem? Are you frustrated when your blood sugar won’t come down? Are you at a loss of why your efforts are not reflected on the scale?

Discover how the MRT Test combined with Kelly’s nutrition guidance can significantly improve the quality of life of those living with an autoimmune disease or chronic condition. A tool like this can help cut to the chase of discovering what foods work best for your health and well-being. The test requires a blood draw and can capture diet needs beyond what a food sensitivity test can do.

The MRT Test assesses 170 foods and chemicals and includes a 60-minute consult with Kelly.

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“Four weeks into using the results and Kelly’s recommendations, “I’ve lost 4 pounds without feeling hungry and I feel way less anxious, especially at work.”

Abby, Weight-loss Client

“Before doing the food sensitivity test, I gave up all caffeine for my adrenal fatigue and was drinking Vanilla Hazelnut Decafe Coffee and was soo doggone tired. Low and behold, VANILLA was one of my biggest inflammatory foods…how would I have ever known that?”

Chere, Auto-immune Client

“My biggest concern was sleeping through the night. After doing this test (which I initially didn’t see the connection between gut health and energy/sleep) and I quickly learned what foods inflamed my body, and I can fall asleep easier and sleep through the night for the first time in a year.”

Jessika, Weight-loss Client

“Little did I know that having an autoimmune disease suggests I have some form of a leaky gut.  I can now identify which foods I am sensitive to, but I also understand that these foods spike my blood sugar/make it harder to get my blood sugars back down to goal. Talk about using food as medicine!”

Stacie, Type-1 Client
Wellness Guide for Diabetics

ONLINE COURSE: Healthy Cuisine: A Wellness Guide for Diabetes

Whether you or a family member is struggling to control blood sugar, or have prediabetes, you’ll benefit from learning the ins and outs of living life with diabetes. Kelly Schmidt, the Diabetic Dietitian, will walk you through both food and lifestyle factors that have an effect on the daily life of a diabetic. Once you learn how to balance your blood sugar and begin to understand the routines that work for you, nothing will hold you back from living your best life!

This course will cover healthy and balanced eating as well as lifestyle factors to help take the stress out of living with diabetes. The Cuisine at Home Magazine and Kelly Schmidt, the Diabetic Dietitian, will teach every diabetic how to live their best life.

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This package includes the blood test itself + a follow-up phone session with Kelly to learn how to implement the information from your results.

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I use and recommend pharmaceutical grade supplements to help fill the gaps in one’s diet and to be used as a tool to support metabolism, blood sugar, gut health, and inflammation. While I recommend products from a few supplements companies, including Designs For Health, I may recommend different forms of the same nutrient as needed for different people. When advising supplements, I take into consideration a combination of symptoms, health history, current meds, diagnoses, and lab testing to sort what makes the biggest impact for you and your health.

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