A Workbook and Smoothie Recipes (high protein, gluten & dairy free) by Kelly Schmidt, the Diabetic Dietitian.

Enjoy Kel’s handcrafted worksheets she uses personally and with coaching clients to identify blood sugar needs. Also included are handouts specifically on protein, carbohydrates, and healthy fats. Her blood sugar meal template can also help bring all of the information together and help guide a reader on tweaks they can make or follow for better blood sugar control.

In the daily journal and weekly planner, she encourages clients to capture their intake over a set number of days to learn trends and variables that are helping and hurting blood sugar control.

The recipes were designed to hit a specific amount of protein and fiber, and indeed recipes Kel enjoys routinely.

Stay curious, keep advocating your needs, and continue to learn small changes you can make to your day for robust health results.