The “Sweet Rebel Tribe” takes a holistic approach to defy sugar-related challenges, seeking innovative solutions for balanced blood sugar and overall well-being.

Sweet Rebels not only questions mainstream beliefs and practices related to sugar consumption and blood sugar management but also explores non-traditional and creative methods within the context of holistic well-being.


By incorporating elements of a holistic approach to health, the Sweet Rebel Tribe acknowledges that the journey to healthier blood sugar levels and well-being goes beyond merely managing sugar intake. It encompasses various aspects of physical, emotional, and mental health, considering the interconnectedness of the body and mind.


  • This community celebrates individuality and encourages members to embrace their unique perspectives, empowering each other to explore new ways of achieving balance and thriving in all aspects of their lives.


  • Each week Kel provides her community with a holistic wellness message and weekly resources to help you feel supported and educates you on the what, the why, and how to implement certain habits/practices.
  • 1x a month, join our Coffee With Kel Nutrition Strategy group session to learn what personal tips you can apply to your diet and lifestyle to feel better and informed.
  • Sweet Rebel Tribers get first access on all programs, 10% discounts on supplements, and personalized supplement recommendations. Supplements are like the wild wild West. There are good vitamins out there, and some that are no better than dust!
  • Weekly you get a fresh and PERSONALIZED meal prescription, prescribed by Kel, catering to food preferences, portion needs, and potential food avoidances. This service comes with an app that can be directly linked to grocery deliveries. Health is about being motivated, educated, and efficient! Kel’s meal perscription is a big deal! This prescription she puts together, uniquely for each member, helps streamline meals for the week, drives accountability, and strategies to save time and money, more than any other meal plan offering, known.


  • Be part of a community with like-minded tribers, learn from one another, and embrace your inner intuition as Kel helps you sculpt your nutrition philosophy for a long, high-quality life.
  • Each month has a specific health theme and the weekly emails help build on the topic and advice.
  • This is also an opportunity to work with me in a very reasonable investment and low-time commitment way.
  • Being part of our Tribe, you can learn, advance, and navigate your health and wellness goals more efficiently and proactively.


A “Sweet Rebel Tribe” is a community of individuals who share a rebellious and unconventional approach to dealing with wellness challenges. The focus of this tribe is on finding alternative and innovative solutions for managing blood sugar levels and promoting overall well-being.

Members of the Sweet Rebel Tribe typically embrace:

  1. Alternative Approaches: They explore non-traditional and creative methods for managing blood sugar and health, which may include dietary changes, lifestyle adjustments, and holistic practices.
  2. Challenging the Norms: They question mainstream beliefs and practices related to sugar consumption and blood sugar management, seeking unique and personalized solutions.
  3. Empowerment: They empower themselves and others to take control of their health by making informed choices and advocating for their well-being.
  4. Supportive Community: They form a supportive and understanding community where members can share experiences, challenges, and successes on their unconventional health journey.
  5. Advocacy: They may be advocates for raising awareness about alternative approaches to blood sugar management and challenging the status quo in the health and wellness industry.

The Sweet Rebel Tribe creates an environment where individuals can embrace their unique perspectives, share their knowledge, and explore new ways to maintain healthy blood sugar levels and improve overall health. It is a community that celebrates individuality and encourages members to think outside the box when it comes to their well-being.