This can easily be the gentle nudge your body/mindset needs to create the change you want in your health and wellness.


  • Have you ever read something in the news and felt overwhelmed by whatever the breaking study is, goes against what you have been doing or finding success with? There is no shortage of nutrition advice, but each week Kel provides her community with a holistic wellness message every Sunday evening to feel grounded, and supported and educates you on the what, the why, and how to implement.
  • Each Community Member & 1:1 client is invited to a Monthly Coffee With Kel Nutrition Strategy call that starts with a short presentation on a timely topic and proceeds with a member wellness Q &A.
  • KSWers also get first dibs on all programs, discounts on supplements, and personalized supplement recommendations. Supplements are like the wild wild west. There are good vitamins out there, and some that are no better than dust!
  • For members who join at a 3-month plus commitment, get a PERSONALIZED meal prescription catering to food preferences, portion needs and potential food avoidances, and more.
  • The last service, Kel’s meal analysis product, noted above is a big deal! This prescription she puts together, uniquely for each member, helps streamline meals for the week, drives accountability, and strategies to save time and money, more than any other meal plan offering, known.
  • Did I mention a daily nudge to get in 10k steps a day? Walking is the secret sauce to health! Well, it is along with sleep.
  • We have a virtual community tracker for each member to log their monthly goal, and goals can be noted anonymously if desired.


  • Be part of a community with like-minded women, learn from one another, and embrace your inner intuition as Kel helps you sculpt your nutrition philosophy for a long, high-quality life.
  • Each month has a specific health theme and 4 week+ challenge.
  • The above, and future goals are small. Small small, but have a huge impact on health, and coming together as a group, makes this all more fun.
  • The point of the program isn’t about getting 10k steps per day and leading the pack in whatever challenge is highlighted, but about being competitive with a prior version of yourself. It’s the incremental 1% changes, that fuel your day to better health.
  • This is also an opportunity to work with me in a very reasonable investment and low-time commitment way.
  • Being part of Kel’s Community, you can learn, advance, and navigate your health and wellness goals more efficiently and proactively. You also get exclusive access to program launches and much more.


  • Fill out THIS FORM and Kel will add you to the tribe.
  • PS, I am excited to have you in my community!
  • *All private 1:1 clients have this included in their coaching program.