This can easily be the gentle nudge your body/mindset needs to create the change you want in your health and wellness.

Being part of Kel’s Community, you can learn, advance, and navigate your health and wellness goals more efficiently and proactively.


  • Get immediate access to Kel’s handcrafted holistic programs, a personalized supplement recommendation, along with a discount on 3rd party tested supplements, a weekly wellness Sunday evening message, weekly wellness resources, an option for a discounted private coaching session, a PERSONALIZED meal prescription catering to food preferences, portion needs and potential food avoidances for members who sign on for 3 months+, and more.
  • The last service, Kel’s meal analysis product, noted above is a big deal! This prescription she puts together, uniquely for each member, helps streamline meals for the week, drives accountability, and strategies to save time and money, more than any other meal plan offering, known.
  • Did I mention a weekly nudge to get in 10k steps a day? Walking is the secret sauce to health! Well, it is along with sleep.
  • We have a community Resource Library with Health Worksheets, Wellness handouts, and Educational Videos for members to enjoy at any time.
  • We have a virtual community tracker for each member to log their monthly goal, and goals can be noted anonymously if desired.
  • I also have new services being added to this membership in the new year!!


  • This “Membership,” is an opportunity to help more people with an achievable, realistic monthly goal that focuses on an important pillar of health to move our body more often on a daily basis. No catch!
  • It’s amazing when we take advantage of 5 minutes of time to go on a brisk walk. It makes all the difference in insulin resistance and health, as well as, clears the mind, and can boost work efficiency.
  • The above, and future goals are small. Small small, but have a huge impact on health, and coming together as a group, makes this all more fun.
  • The point of the program isn’t about getting 10k steps per day, but about being competitive with a prior version of yourself. It’s incremental 1% changes, that fuel your day to better health.
  • If you feel inspired, just fathom how Kel’s words and message can help you each week! This is also an opportunity to work with me in a very reasonable investment and low-time commitment way.


  • Accountability and community. Just working with a coach can help you achieve results 3x faster.
  • A roadmap of achieving a monthly wellness goal or challenge. Each month has the baseline goal to take 10K steps a day plus an additional goal that aligns with the theme of the month. For example, in the festive month of December, we are focusing on consuming more greens with a 30-day Green Smoothie Challenge.
  • A weekly health message motivating you each week. This Monday email is also a great resource with nutrition research, a new healthy recipe to try, and a product or service highlight to consider to help you with your wellness too.
  • A monthly Community Call with a Wellness Lesson from Kel + a chance to ask unique wellness questions.
  • An opportunity to have Kel help you with a recommendation of any worthy vitamins or supplements (plus a discount) to help you with the current season you are in for life or time of year.
  • Exclusive access to any of Kel’s Programs throughout the year.
  • and more!


  • Fill out THIS FORM and Kel will add you to the tribe.
  • PS, I am excited to have you in my community!
  • *All private 1:1 clients have this included in their coaching program.