This can easily be the gentle nudge your body/mindset needs to create the change you want in your health and wellness.

Thus far, I have been in private practice guiding thousands of people towards better health, fitness, and overall wellness for 10 years! The time has finally come to launch a community membership! Yet. this is not just any membership, but one that is purely focused on accountability and community. Did I mention any of the perks included?! Before I get there, let me explain a few things.


  • I’ve designed a virtual community tracker for each member to log their steps on a daily basis.
  • Each week, I check in to make sure everyone is feeling engaged and supported with a daily goal to walk 10k/day but also guide members on a weekly personal goal.
  • At the end of the month, I draw a prize for all those who are participating, and this prize varies from a KSW credit, a month of yoga (virtual and live), free product and more.
  • Every Sunday/Monday I send out a Member email with my wellness message for the week, a reminder to track (each month will have a slight variation to the 10k/day goal), and a simple recipe to try as we each nourish ourselves as we change the world one step at a time.
  • All of this for $10.99/month or $60/6 months.


  • This “Membership,” is an opportunity to help more people with an achievable, realistic monthly goal that focuses on an important pillar of health to move our body more often on a daily basis. There is no catch.
  • The outlined goal for June is walking 300,000 steps for the month, which is also 10k/day & extra credit for drinking 80 ounces of water/day.
  • It’s amazing when we take advantage of 5 minutes of time to go on a brisk walk. It makes all the difference in insulin resistance and health, as well as, clears the mind, and can boost work efficiency.
  • The above, and future goals are small. Small small, but have a huge impact on health, and coming together as a group, makes this all more fun.
  • The point of the program isn’t about getting the most steps for the month, but to being competitive with a prior version of yourself. It’s incremental 1% changes, that fuel your day to better health.
  • If you feel inspired, just fathom how Kel’s words and message can help you each week! This is also an opportunity to work with me in a very reasonable investment and low-time commitment way. Now onto more of the perks…


  • Accountability and community. Just working with a coach can help you achieve results 3x faster.
  • A roadmap of a realistic goal for each month.
  • A real food recipe suggestion that can be adapted easily into a busy week of work, soccer practices, etc.
  • Weekly smoothie inspiration as we approach warmer weather and a smoothie season.
  • A weekly mantra/health message from Kel.
  • A monthly winner w/ a monetary prize of a gift card or wellness favorite thing of Kel’s.
  • 10% discounts on Kel’s vitamins she recommends to clients and her programs,
  • and more!


  • Fill out the below form and Kel will add you to the tribe.
  • PS, I am excited to have you in my community!
  • *All current and ongoing private 1:1 clients have this included in their coaching program.