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May 08

Alternative Health

Perhaps “alternative medicine” is a betterĀ term since health is such a loose word, but medicine seems so intimidating and foreign. Most recently I have been surrounding myself in some new practices – acupuncture, Chinese herbs and meditation. All of them have been great, especially since my glass is currently spilling over with stress while we …

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Jan 18

Client’s Paleo Transition – @shanan_g

For today’s post I am sharing one of my client’s experiences on his paleo journey. To say the least, I am impressed. Well done Shanan! I have also made some comments for Shanan and others to consider. Please paint a picture of who you are: Shanan – I’m an active male, aged 28 that enjoys …

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Dec 03

Dear Food Diary – 3/12/11 – Christmas BBQ Party…

Today, Saturday, I am prepping for a gathering of friends to celebrate Christmas. Let’s see how I behaved at the BBQ, keeping in mind these few goals: 1. Avoid all dairy and grains 2. Drink plenty of water and do not over eat on anything 3. Avoid all dairy Breakfast: 9AM Long black I was …

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Oct 02

Antioxidant-rich melon extract may ease stress, fatigue

Daily consumption of a melon extract rich in the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase (SOD) may relieve stress and fatigue, suggest findings from a French study. A daily supplement containing 140 international units of SOD was associated with improvements in sleep, concentration levels, and reduced irritability, compared to the placebo, according to findings from a randomized, …

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Apr 02

How do I wake myself up in the morning?

Four coffees and Lady Ga Ga. Well, actually I do the opposite. I treat myself with a coffee and sip it down while I eat a piece of fruit while walking to the gym. Once I get there (and wake up), I either run (training for the KY Derby Half marathon), row, lift or swim. …

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