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Dec 02

My 21 Day Cleanse

Dear Blog, Or should I say mom and sister (aka sista)? Maybe I have a few more readers than that… ūüôā In this write-up I am sharing how I went about my first 21 Day Standard Process detox. This is a first for me, as I have never bought into the idea of a cleanse …

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Nov 25

My Skinny Jeans and The Holidays

On average, can you guess how much we tend to gain this time of year?¬†MedPage Today has the details, and while I can layout all the calculated percentages, the gist is, people gain. Above all, the time it takes to put weight on, is nothing compared to the time it takes to shake it off. …

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Apr 05

Weight Loss Food Myths

If you didn’t catch my social media posts about an interview I had with Redbook Magazine, catch the details here.¬† 9 “Healthy” Foods That Are Actually Destroying Your Weight Loss Goals Like that cup of¬†yogurt, for starters.¬†‚Äč You know that all-too-familiar feeling: The one when you desperately need a snack, so you pour a quick …

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Feb 25

Gaining Knowledge – Losing Pounds

Most recently I posted an article written by a business counterpart about his 2 month journey on weight loss. Granted he is a Personal Trainer, you’d think he’d constantly be in top shape, yet, like Alex, I too have goals for my health including the number on the scale (and note, I like measurements more …

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Feb 18

Client Feedback – Personal Trainer Gains Insight with 15lb Weight Loss Goal

I partner with Alex Nsiah-Kumi, owner of Paramount Personal Training, and during my awesome (no exaggeration here, he is the best of the best) workout with him yesterday, he opened up to me about his 2 month plan of dropping 15 pounds. To say the least he looks great, and below I have included his …

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Jan 01

Make 2014 Your Healthiest Year (With These 5 Tips)

Tis the season for us to think about personal goals and health initiatives. Before you decide where you want to go, understand where you have been by asking yourself these questions: Where would you love to be at the end of 2014? How could your life be better?¬†How could you feel more in control of …

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Sep 10


Today, my boy is 5 weeks old.¬†Holy cow, how did this time fly by so quickly? Nonetheless, as many new moms suggest, I am so in love with my baby, Declan (we call him Dex). No doubt, being a mom has its’ moments, but the smiles, cuddles and new role is indescribable. Already, embracing this …

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Oct 10

What Does Paleo Infused Nutrition Mean?

Paleo:¬†Paleo comes from the word paleolithic, which in brief means¬†ancestral and prehistoric. Infused: Infused means¬†to cause to be permeated with something (as a principle or quality) that alters usually for the better. Nutrition:¬†Nutrition is the bounty of our health and describes the entity of Paleo Infused Nutrition.¬† Paleo Infused Nutrition: Put it all together and …

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Sep 22

FAQ – Breastfeeding & (Paleo) Diet Change

If you are a new mother, breastfeeding and wanting to shed some weight, you may enjoy this common FAQ. If you have any experiences to add, please comment; we would love to hear from you. Client FAQ: “I’m looking to jump start losing the rest of my baby weight and was thinking of going paleo, …

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Jul 18

See You Later Hypertension

Last fortnight I was asked to participate in an¬†online interview¬†(article originally published on:¬†http://www.bloodpressurecharts.net/kelly-o-connell-interview.html)¬†about natural ways to manage high blood pressure. Not only was this request interesting but it is a topic that needs more coverage. High blood pressure, or hypertension, is a silent killer. I hate to be so blunt but there is no way …

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