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Sunday after snowboarding and skiing has me spent. I still did my morning workout but I tempered my momentum. And on that note, I intend to work out most days of the week, but to really have more light workouts than hard workout days so I do not burnout. My workouts get my head on straight and bring me happiness and I do them for this reason, more so than cosmetic goals. I also do workouts that are fun and I usually change up my routine every few months from running, yoga, lifting, etc with walking always interspersed.

As I kick off week 3, I reflect on the past week and think about how I want to proceed for the week ahead and what goals I want to focus on. The glisten of this program is losing its first sparkle. In a good way, some habits are folding into an everyday routine (like morning hydrate), but I am also forgetting the goal of eliminating processed grains, like the instance I made myself some toast when I made my daughter some. I am not beating myself up for it, but I am evaluating how I feel when I focus on a real food diet.

My overall goal this week is to focus on having fun with this program. I want to be creative in the kitchen and enhance the appreciation for what I have on my plate.

Prep for Week #3:

  • I have mapped out a few dinners I want to make for the week and have confirmed I have the needed ingredients on hand (I rely on my freezer most meals, especially in the winter when Ohio produce is subpar).
  • I’ve ordered pre-made meals to arrive on the weekend to keep things diverse and fun.
  • I’ve placed my Thrive Market order and went to Costco. I have ample fruits, veg, and pantry goods ready. 
  • I planed my workouts and wrote out my planner so I am organized for client calls and projects I am working on (stay tuned!). Does anyone else feel more balanced when they write out their week in a planner?
  • I reviewed why I wanted to do this program in the first place to reinvigorate my motivation and focus. Last year was tough, and I sincerely want to take the best care of myself, and most importantly put myself first.

Day 15, Sunday:

Today was incredibly off. I was very exhausted. I was tired from snowboarding the night before and had a fragile night of sleep. I likely underage on Saturday and my appetite caught up with me today, as well as, I tried duck eggs, which in the end, I didn’t tolerate.

When I don’t tolerate a food, my digestion may be off, but more so, my blood sugars are wrecked.

At lunch, I yet again pulled out the slow-cooker and added 3 rinsed cups of dry lentils and a carton of bone broth to have this side ready to pair up with dinner tonight and lunches later this week.

Day 16, Monday, MLK:

I am finally feeling back to normal, did a light morning workout, but ran into a low blood sugar before doing my weekly Instagram Live with Ken. Have a view here. I was mighty low, but somehow made sense explaining complex topics.

Day 17, Tuesday:

I had a rough night of sleep and I am not sure why. My husband and I are sitting on a big decision (all positive) and waiting for pieces to fall into place. Perhaps this is what kept my mind busy, and once I have more clarity on this decision, I will share with readers. So much suspense in this week’s summary!

I pulled wild marinated salmon out of the freezer and will pair these with stem green beans and purple potatoes (my kid’s favorite).

Day 18, Wednesday

If I were a kid you would think I’m growing. I have had an impressive appetite over the last 2-3 days.

Dinner was delicious but when my son asked if I could whip up a real food treat, I was on board.

The chocolate mousse was delish and I topped it was pistachios.

I presume my appetite will be more level tomorrow as I ate until pure satisfaction and satiety tonight.

Feeling good and looking lean! I ran hard this morning and lifted heavy. Look to a good nights rest.

Day 19, Thursday:

My stomach is off. Perhaps it’s the broccoli slaw in my salad mix or it’s from one of my medications that I adjusted this week. All in all, this week, when reflecting back, feels like a treading water week. I am not making much progress and I am making needed adjustments to basals (due to ovulation) and appetite. I’ve in general, have been much hungrier. I need to shift a larger meal earlier on, so my evening isn’t as ravenous (although this may not be the best adjective. I am just hungrier than usual, not hangry).

Day 20, Friday:

What a great day. I felt so good in my workout this morning. My hunger felt back to normal, level and my blood sugars have been easy to manage. Headed into a great weekend with little on the calendar and plenty of time to reflect on this program thus far and my goals for the year ahead. I have been moving a little slow on my vision for 2021…

Day 21, Saturday:

News alert!

My sobriety this month ended last night. Did I enjoy it? Yes. I gathered around a fire with a few friends and had numerous belly-laughs and plenty of smiles.

Does this mean I messed up my program? No. I went into these 30 days sober curious, evaluating, and pondering how I can enjoy wine less often, but in a healthy dose.

What have I learned from last night and what is my goal moving ahead?

I really need to stick with healthier wine. I drank Meomi (a popular Pinot Noir and having less than 2 glasses made me feel nauseous. I presume there was added food coloring (yes, for real folks) and sugar to this brand.

Nonetheless, my goal with wine is the same but with a slight enhancement: Drink less than 1 bottle a month but to ensure it’s most often sourced from Dry Farm Wine.


Analysis/Takeaways From My Week 3:

  • This program has already provided clarity on how my macros and calories shift from week to week based on my cycle – and indeed I will be covering this topic at length in the near future.
  • I see where I can strengthen this program by adding more helpful videos into the Well World app. I love getting notifications to drink water throughout the day, etc, but I am going to film some short videos to help people learn and be motivated along the way.
  • I know I love to eat for texture and nut butter is very addicting for me. I don’t want to restrict myself but I may be better off not having sunbutter and cashew butter in my kitchen.
  • This week I really leaned into how our appetites relate to our sex hormones. I was much hungrier this week and I think I did a good job honoring it but could have adjusted the food I had on hand to better suit my appetite and blood sugar levels.
  • Going off point above, I have also noticed my sex hormones are causing more insulin resistance this month than my usual. Reflecting on this allowed me to give myself more grace.
  • I have a healthy idea of how to enjoy wine moving ahead and am committed to this goal beyond my 30-day (I love how programs help me adopt longer-term healthy habits).
  • I am less hungry first thing in the AM and will plan to have more fasted workouts for Week 4.


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