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Kicking off I did my best to filter temptations out of the house before the program began. Last year I was drawn to wine as my vice of choice, but as I’ve analyzed how it’s been affecting my health goals, I know it impairs my sleep, elevates my insulin resistance, and slightly prohibits progress.

I familiarized myself w the Well World app, reviewed the food lists, and read the meal plans. I intend to use the meal plans as inspiration, not necessarily to follow perfectly. What can I say? I have an element of a rebel in me and this is how I’ll most succeed w the program.

What will be hard?

I’m going to want bread and butter, or a bite of buttered gluten-free waffle off my daughter’s plate. Because going out with friends is minimized, social drinking won’t be tempting.

What am I looking forward to?

  • Great sleep. Every time I do a program like this, my sleep is so good.
  • I’m excited to try new recipes, even if it’s a very simple smoothie.
  • I’m looking forward to the good energy, mental clarity, and light of working towards wellness goals.
  • These programs often make my diabetes less hard and with that, I can spend time on things I enjoy most.

Tasks accomplished:

  • Groceries ordered (Amazon Prime per Whole Foods delivery, Thrive Market, Costco run)
  • Ordered a few premade meals from Metabolic Meals
  • The Well World app is downloaded and reviewed
  • Supplements are ready to go

Day 1: Let’s dive in!

Day 1 went pretty well. Although it’s the week before my period, my cravings and hunger were okay. I was, however, too aggressive w/ my basal insulin and had too much insulin circulating so I had more low blood sugars than usual yesterday. All in all, I likely had more food than my body needed yesterday, but I am confident this will even out.

Speaking of calories. We shouldn’t have the same exact amount of food or calories a day. It should vary with our needs from movement, sleep, to where we (females) are at with our cycle, and more.

Does anyone else crave wine before their period? This is due to a dip in serotonin. I have started a new habit of making a large pot of delicious tea and having it when I have a craving including booze or sugar. I especially enjoy closing my dinner with a warm mug of tea. I love everything from mint, to cranberry/apple to ginger. I get most of my tea from Thrive Market, or if I want to splurge I buy Pique Tea.

Last night I finished off my leftover Lemon Chicken & Rice Soup. This has been my favorite soup I’ve made in a long time.


Day 2: Getting Better.

I knew to start my Monday with less basal than yesterday and hopefully in doing so, will see fewer low blood sugars.

I am hooked on my breakfast meal, Chia Pudding Oat Breakfast. It’s simple, very filling, warm, and very gut and blood sugar friendly. If/when it loses it’s spark, I will change things up.

Day 3: Insulin Resistance Down for the Count

Coming off day 2 things were feeling great but today was packed with driving the kids everywhere between client calls and running the house solo as my husband was out of town.

As a result, I found myself eating my daughter’s leftover cauliflower pizza. Although it was off-plan, I didn’t at all overeat and started my evening fast at 5:35 pm.

I also noticed I didn’t use my Well World app at all today and that didn’t help my accountability for hydration and more.

Off to bed early and ready for a great day ahead.

Day 4: TMI?

Upon waking I got my cycle a day or 2 early. Not a problem, but makes sense for my larger appetite just the night before. I also had very little symptoms of my cycle coming. My energy was good, no lower ache, healthy skin, yet, I was having weirder insulin resistance for the prior 7 days. It all makes sense, and may I also note, I kicked some major booty in my workout today.

On day 1 of the cycle, our (female) hormones are very much closest to males, and very often women can find it easier to achieve PRs on this day of their cycle. I ran faster than I have in months. It felt so good. I felt strong, quick, determined, and motivated to reach similar heights all year long!

Day 5: Ready for the weekend

I am feeling good and quite sore from the workout the day before. I am keeping things simple today and hopefully headed to bed early.

Day 6: Friyay!

On an early walk this morning with a friend, who is also doing my program, we both agreed that it’s really awesome knowing decisions around food and alcohol. Especially going into the weekend. Do I have desires to unwind with wine? Yes, but I don’t and won’t spend any energy deciding whether or not if I am going to indulge. The decision is made, and it’s made for the weeks to come. Perhaps even longer!

My meals today included repetition until the evening. A much-needed pivot as my Metabolic Meals arrived to change up the ingredients I was consuming and a perfect time to mix up my meals.

Day 7: Saturday

Coming off a great night of sleep, without waking for a dog or child, I woke without an alarm, and woo-hoo, no one else in my house was awake ether. So I started the day with some reading. Doing wellness resets, 30-Day Weight loss programs, etc, always helps me be more present and in-tune with what my body needs and can use for self-care. This morning that was reading, starting slow, and adding some cashew butter to my oats!

Week 1, Food Tracking:

If I am being honest, as the week went on, I felt very anxious about sharing this with the world. 1) I don’t want anyone to try to mimic exactly what I am doing, and 2) bc I am sharing it so publicly I feel/felt micro-managed. However, I know it’s very helpful for people to see, and so I will adjust my mindset and keep the food details simple so it’s a win-win. If you are doing this program and using the Well World app that has a meal plan, I still encourage you to write down what you eat. The best takeaway from this practice is building awareness of our hunger/satiety and being present with what we choose to eat. Here is a blank template to print-off for your tracking.

Analysis/Takeaways from my Week 1:

  • I need to prep and have on hand good sources of protein. Some of my meals/lunches were light on protein and this lead to a larger dinner or evening hunger. As I plan my grocery list this week I am going to add more options and I will make soup with animal protein this week verse the lentil soup I enjoyed last week.
  • I need to slowdown mid-day. Often my lunches were rushed, and again, I under-ate which messed up the need to snack, which then threw off my dinner portions and blood sugars.
  • Hydration really is key in the morning. I will keep attention on this task for the week ahead.
  • I found myself eating my meals earlier or rushed when I was worried about something or stressing over something that, honestly, is now forgotten. This program is helping me be very aware of my food and tasting the great flavors, but also tuning into my mood as I eat. Next week, I will stop eating until I am in a light mood.
  • Yes, cold brew gots to go! I am finishing up my stash and I need to opt to make my own AM coffee. I switched to cold brew in the summer once we got a puppy and the lack of sleep had me reaching for stronger caffeine. I have noticed, even before this program, that this beverage of choice is manipulating my sleep at night. My stock shall be used up within another week.
  • Diversity – I need to do better on changing up what I eat on a weekly basis. My husband hasn’t traveled in a very long time (in 2019 and prior I was very used to him traveling weekly) and since he wasn’t sharing the meals I was making last week Sunday-Thursday, I was eating leftovers day after day.
  • Overall, my cravings were minimal. Perhaps the vitamins are helping with this, especially for the week of my cycle. I am very focused on the variety of foods I can choose from and do find indulgence in cheddar cheese and nut butter.
  • Next week, although not fully detailed on my log, I will remove legume pasta and opt for warmed beans with olive oil instead. The pasta is very palatable and I want to do an experiment of removing them this week.
  • Next week I will NOT eat any of my daughter’s gluten-free waffles. It happened a tad too much!
  • Overall I do feel leaner. I am not hyper-focusing on any numbers but using an outfit to assess change. My goal this year is to feel my best and that isn’t defined by the scale. Honestly, as someone with type 1 diabetes, my focus is on my blood sugar numbers and if I have a specific goal for the scale and rebel against is, so over the years, I have found this method of tracking other things, brings me to the goal I am overall trying to acheive.
  • Above all, I am going to use the app and meal plans more.

If you are doing this program with me this month, comment below or in the app and tell me what your takeaways are thus far.

Until next week,