Ending on a high note! (If you want to learn more about this 30-Day offering, click here).


  • Overall the supplements have minimized my insulin resistance and enhanced my insulin sensitivity. After week 2 and throughout the rest of the program, my insulin needs were 20-30% less (and this coincided with other participants who had type 1 diabetes as well).
  • I have lost weight (4 lbs); although not my core focus, hence why I didn’t hyperfocus on weighing-in.
  • I am walking away from this program with groomed habits including when to enjoy certain tools like fasting, carb-cycling, and more.


  • Something has clicked. And something good! I have connected, with the help of doing this program that I feel my best to shift my eating window and macros (slightly for both) from week to week syncing up with where I am with my cycle and ovulation.
  • I feel accomplished and have a good routine with going about how to plan my month (for fasting, workouts, macros, enjoyment of wine).
  • I wasn’t perfect with supplements, as tracking along, I noticed I was about 3 supplement packets behind, but I will just continue to take them until they are gone.
  • I didn’t weigh-in until the end. And I think how often someone should weigh-in on this program should be individualized, but weekly weigh-ins are a good practice.
  • I have my healthiest days when I have 50 ounces of water by lunchtime for sure, so this is an effort I am taking with me post this program.
  • I have the best blood sugar control and craving sensation when I start my day with a high protein and low carb meal.
  • Tracking my intake is a very impactful practice. However, it does rob the joy sometimes, and therefore, I will continue to do it on my weight-loss journey, but intermittently when I need to examine if there are any offenders inhibiting my progress.
  • I have enjoyed a number of meals and recipes in this time, but the Lemon Chicken Soup was certainly my favorite.
  • I am tidy on using tools including nutrition supplements (for weight loss, blood sugar control, gut health, and detox), ordering groceries, and rotating in premade meals.


  • There are few habits I am inspired to take with me that I adopted in these 30 days:
    • hydration, carb-cycling, fasting, a number of recipes, and tracking.
  • A few tools/services have seamlessly weaved into my routine including:
    • ordering pre-made meals monthly and groceries online weekly.
    • Outsourcing more things is a big change in the last year, and overall, very helpful in my health and happiness. I am keeping an open mind on what more I can do in this area.
  • As for my clients in this first program, they are selecting from a number of options post this program and that includes
    • 1) doing another round of these 30 days, continuing healthy habits and learning more,
    • 2) shifting to do a 2-week detox program, and/or
    • 3) some clients are setting up a 1:1 session(s) to create an ongoing plan on how to best succeed.

Prep/Planning for Week 4:

Going into this week, my week 4, post-ovulation, and ~10 days before my cycle, I slotted my workouts around 9 am and plan to fast longer, breaking my fast around 11 am. Depending on where we are in our cycle it can make it easier or harder to fast. Above all, on a daily basis, I listen to what my body needs, but with fasted workouts, there are many benefits to fat-loss.

Continuing from weeks prior, I have ordered/bought groceries stemming off meals I plotted to make for the week.

Day 22, Sunday:

I adopted the research on starting with a higher protein breakfast and batch-prepped some vegetable egg cups.

Day 23, Monday: Rolling out of bed, I thought about that warm delicious oatmeal but then quickly reminded myself of the egg cups I made and how I want to feel out a longer fast this week.

I followed-through and felt awesome. My blood sugar stayed in the 80s/90s all morning and at 10:30 am. I am shifting the macro breakdown of this meal coming off the research I shared in my Sunday newsletter last week about a high protein breakfast and will tweak as I go to get the results I want.

Day 24, Tuesday:


Day 25, Wednesday:

I refocused on ample protein at my first meal and this made a noticeable difference in cravings and blood sugar control for the day. Having the pre-made egg muffins helped with this.

Day 26, Thursday:

I realize that I feel more organized and empowered when I write down what I am eating. I didn’t share my log in my last 2 recaps, bc the feeling of showing everyone what I ate made me anxious in that 1) I don’t want people to mimic what I was eating, and 2) it somehow made me feel micromanaged. It’s the rebel in me. But this week I have learned that tracking is still very much ideal, and this information is more powerful by keeping the notes for myself and that I review the information regularly.

Day 27, Friday:

One of my favorite habits we, as a family, have adopted in the new year, is bundling up after dinner for a long or short walk with our pup. This night, we headed out and didn’t realize how icy it was! Nonetheless, I snapped a good pic of a rare moment my kids were holding hands.

Day 28, Saturday:

It has been a minute, but we really like a good old BLT! I put a twist on this, by adding turkey deli meat (to lean out the meal and bump up the protein content), uncured bacon, tomato, lettuce as the bread, and avocado for satiety.

Day 29, 30 Sunday and Monday:

All in all, 30 days felt long for a program, but overall, was great in the sense it was enough time to implement healthy habits, get results, and have ample time to reflect on habits that are working and worth continuing.


If you’d like to do this 30-Day program, send me an email and I can help get you started.