Fueling A Young Athlete

I was asked to speak to a local group of 3rd-grade girl runners and here is a list of a few items we discussed. If you have a little athlete at home, consider applying these tips to their life and if you need a dietitian speaker, reach out!

  • Create time and space for your movement, recovery and meals.
    • Set aside time at night before bed to pack your lunch and afternoon snack
    • Plan out when you want to practice running or pair up for a jog with a friend each week
    • Turn your screens and electronics off every night by 6pm
  • Eat color, prioritizing 3 cups of vegetables a day, protein at each meal and choosing 3 meals verse having multiple snacks all day. Meals are better for you body, sleep, concentration and athletics.
    • Make vegetables fun and easy to consume. Have you ever made a smoothie with berries, avocado and kale?
    • Have proteins made ahead. I bet your parents would be happy to help too. How about a chicken salad, pre-portioned nuts, pre-made burgers, whole-fat organic dairy?
    • Make sure you snack is a combo of fiber and fat.
  • Eat real food more often than not, choosing things that don’t come packaged.
  • Listen to how your body feels. Sometimes we don’t tolerate all the foods we are offered. Pay attention to what you body digests well.
  • Invest interest in cooking and play with flavors and learn new ways to enjoy things.

Food Ideas:



1/2 avocado (Costco sells these frozen, which making life easier), 1/2 banana, 1/3 cup of berries, ice, pinch of sea salt, coconut milk and a good protein powder like vanilla pea protein or collagen peptides.

Egg cupcakes

Chop various vegetables you like and mix with 12 eggs. Portion into cupcake trays and cook on 325F until cooked all the way through ~20 minutes.

Grain-less Granola + yogurt

The grain-less will help stabilize energy levels and prevent blood sugar spikes first thing in the morning.


Organic chicken drumsticks with hummus, cucumbers/tomatoes and rice

Homemade chipotle bowl

Soup (here are my go-to tips on picking a quality soup)


  • Celery + peanut butter and raisins
  • String cheese + cheery tomatoes (1 cup)
  • Pear + 1/4 cup pecans
  • Orange + 30 pistachos
  • Green apple + 15 almonds
  • 1/2 cup cucumber + hard-boiled egg
  • Banana + pumpkin seeds

Monday Movers

Tis the season to be Jolly…falalala la la la…

Have you finished you holiday shopping? Have you started? Right about now I am thinking that I could have easily done some Christmas shopping this wekeend and….I did not. In all honesty at this point in the game I have only frequented my friend Amazon for gifts. But really, eeek, Christmas is around the corner! Along with this beloved holiday there can be a truckload of to-dos, let alone breaking your nice daily routine of work, gym, personal time, etc.

However, embrace the chaos and alter your perspective; if your thoughts are similar to the Grinch’s. Christmas comes only once a year and this week go with the flow and choose your food wisely and fit in fitness where you can. Hey, why not sing some Jingle Bells in the shower while you are at it. I will.

Along with my caroling this week I am lacing up my sneakers and plan to get back to running. It’s been months! My jaw is healing pretty well, the pain is subsiding and running is calling my name. For a little inspiration and perspective alteration, read what Dean Karnazes has to say:

“Running has an uncanny ability to mellow the soul, to take the edge off hard feelings, and put things back into healthy perspective.”

Would you rather — walk for 20 minutes or hike all day?

What’s Better?

You’re busy, and that daily 15- to 20-minute walk doesn’t seem to stand up to your weekend exercise marathons, right? Not so fast — the truth may surprise you! It’s pretty much unanimous among health experts: The daily walk, even for 10 or 20 minutes, is better than the all-day weekend hike. Daily exercise is superior to being a weekend warrior. Couch potatoes Monday through Friday who become vigorous athletes Saturday and Sunday can easily end up with both acute and overuse injuries.

Not only that, but if you have the time to walk 15 minutes each day, the consistency is better for your health and fitness — and according to Michael R. Bracko, Ed.D., a spokesperson for the American College of Sports Medicine, these short walks can be the start of bigger and better fitness and health efforts and could ultimately change your life.

Reference click here

Have a healthy and fit day!