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Dec 13

Let’s Talk New Year’s Resolutions

Do you have one? I have a few in mind, and while my yearly goals do not always last the 12 months, they are still good to have. Come 2013 I will be embarking on an auto-immune diet protocol during my January¬†Paleo Infused Nutrition Pledge. I am doing this because it will be a good …

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May 06

Time For An Update

Life’s been a whirlwind. Starting in March we went on a 3 week holiday visiting about everyone we knew in the US. Nothing short of spending time in Vegas, Missouri (sister and new baby), Indiana, Cincinnati, Columbus and Chicago. Exaggeration nil, I think we met up with over a 150 people – it was awesome …

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Dec 05

Dear Food Diary – 5/12/11

Today, Monday, I ate the following and took these motivational pictures of Fawkner Park on my way home from work: 20 min. walk to the train. Breakfast: 10AM Not hungry when I woke at 7AM. Ate once I got to work and settled. 1 small banana 1 hard boiled egg Lunch: 1:30PM 2 homemade nori …

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Nov 20

Dear Food Diary – Day 4

Today, 20/11/11, I ate… Breakfast: 9:45AM Protein Smoothie Allergy meds Cromium Picolinate Probiotics Exercise: 4 mile walk around Albert Park lake with a good friend Lunch: 2:00PM Not that hungry but headed out to the Polish festival and did not want to eat heaps of Polish fair Leftover cabbage Jello fortified with glutamine Spoonful of …

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