In 2019, healthy eating is the rage and it’s easier than ever to learn about healthy eating.

However, if this is new to you, no worries. The path to a healthier diet involves educating yourself and being willing to make important lifestyle changes. Start your journey to wellness with this beginner’s guide to cooking up a healthier diet.

Get to know what you should be eating

A big problem many people have with healthy eating is that it is loosely defined. Many people’s idea of ‘dieting’ means eating salads, but the truth is that there are a lot of foods you can eat without having to starve yourself.

Healthy eating means giving your body and brain the right amount of nutrients. Nutrients give your body energy, help it to repair itself, as well keep it strong. Finding a balance and not overeating can make a big difference to your health. Keeping your weight at a healthy level is important, as obesity can increase your risk of developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and more. Figure out how many calories you should eat each day to give you a soft target to aim for and understand how much fuel your body runs on (although all calories are not created equal (eat real food) and our hormones dictate how many calories we burn).

Pledge to eat more veggies

Vegetables are an important part of your diet, but it’s surprising how many people don’t eat enough of them. Vegetables are nutrient-powerhouses, low in calories and provide you with the vitamins/minerals you need to ward off illness. By making fruit and vegetables a key part of your diet, you can benefit from the natural goodness that nature has to offer.

Fill your kitchen with fresh, healthy ingredients

One reason why many people don’t cook for themselves is that it’s easier to choose convenience foods and take out than it is to cook. Could you make much with the ingredients in your cupboard or refrigerator? It’s time to turn that around!

Start filling your kitchen with some basic healthy ingredients. When you’ve got these things to hand, you’ll be able to prepare a number of nutritious dishes. These will not only help you eat healthier, but could save you money too! It might feel like a big expenditure at first, but you’ll find that many of these ingredients will last a long time, changing the way you cook for the better.

Learn to cook

‘I can’t cook’ or ‘I’m a bad cook’ are phrases that many people use an excuse for eating poorly and not cooking for themselves. And it’s no surprise with that attitude! Cooking is mainly following instructions and takes some practice. If you’re unsure of different cooking techniques, you can always get some help through YouTube or my online course and book.

The easiest way to start with cooking healthier is to browse healthy recipes and working out what’s manageable for you to cook. Start off with some simple dishes, repeat the ones you like and gradually add new ones to your repertoire. Every successful dish is another motivator to keep trying new things, and you could soon find yourself with a passion for cooking.

Cook for friends and family

Cooking can be a fantastic way to socialize with your friends and family, It’s also a good way to eat healthier than if you were to meet at a restaurant, for example. Cooking for others gives you the chance to show off your skills and could teach them a thing or two as well. If you have kids and want to get them interested in healthy eating, cooking together as a family can be a fantastic way to teach them how to cook as well as get everyone to share the load.

Get excited about cooking

Being able to cook new and exciting dishes can help you get enthusiastic about cooking. You could invest in a cookery book and work your way through it, or set yourself a theme to follow each day?

A fantastic gift to give yourself is a foodie subscription box. There’s a large choice of monthly subscription boxes that cover everything from special ingredients to recipe boxes. A subscription box could help you to try new dishes and learn to prepare quick and easy healthy treats, making healthy eating exciting and fun.

Learn how to make healthier versions of your favorites

We all enjoy a bit of comfort food now and then, but that doesn’t have to mean jumping back into unhealthy eating habits. By substituting some ingredients, you can make healthy versions of your favorite foods and still enjoy those warming comforts. Make some extra to keep in the freezer to save for those nights where you’re too tired to cook!

Practice food prepping

Food prepping is a tip used by many people to eat healthier. By planning your meals and prepping in advance, you’ll be less likely to succumb to convenience foods and be able to eat food that’s much healthier and homemade. Spend time each week coming up with meal ideas and dedicate some time on a Sunday to prepping your food. This is actually an excellent time-saver, helping you batch cook some dinners, make lunch for the kids and get some healthy snacks together. Make sure you’ve got plenty of food containers and space in the refrigerator/freezer to make it work.

A healthier diet will leave you feeling great inside and out, as well as help you enjoy a healthier future. Could your diet use an overhaul? Start making those changes today.