If you have kids, you’ll likely agree it can be a big challenge to get them to eat their meals. Many times, they change their minds on what they want to eat or they spend the lunch hour chatting, and they will either leave the food or throw it away during the day. But don’t fret: there are many different meals you can add to your child’s lunchbox which will make them more interesting and desirable, and here are easy recipes and tricks to try out this week.

Bento box

If you want to try and use cool lunch boxes as a lure for the kids to eat their dinner this week, there are some great choices out there for them to use. One of the best out there right now is known as a Bento Box and this is a lunchbox which is filled with several compartments as well as a dip tub. What person doesn’t love dipping their food? You can separate out a snack, the main lunch, and a sweet treat and this can be a great thing for those picky eaters out there.

DIY lunchables

As we think about our own childhood lunches, do Lunchables come to mind? These little meals were the epitome of childhood spirit and always welcome in the schoolyard. But to step up the game a little for your kids, you can use cheese which is actually tasty, fresh ham and some real food/real ingredient crackers. It is something easy which they can make for themselves each day and it can be a wonderful option to keep them interested.

Fruit animals

If you have a particularly young child who you are packing lunch for, you might want to lure them into eating more produce by creating pieces of artwork with them. For example, use half a tangerine and use a toothpick to place a grape to act as a head. You can then add more grapes to act as arms and legs and you immediately have a cute fruit turtle to add to their lunchbox! Take a look online for more fruit animal ideas.

Easy pizza pocket

Something which will never fail to be popular with children is pizza, and although you likely can’t pack a whole slice of pizza into your child’s lunchbox, you can make a less messy option for them to enjoy. All you will need for this is a tortilla wrap, marinara sauce, pepperoni (or any other topping) and mozzarella cheese.

Start off by cutting the tortilla wrap in half. You can then fold the half into a cone and use a mix of flour and water to seal the edges. Fill with a small amount of sauce, cheese, and topping and seal the top to form a triangle. Place in a toastie bag in the toaster for 3-4 minutes until done, pack it up and let your child take it to school!

Classic BLT

For a fairly nutritious meal idea for your child when they go to school, a great idea would be a take the classic paleo BLT and add some extra fiber and healthy fat. You’ll need:

  •         2 slices/leaves of romaine
  •         healthy mayo
  •         half an avocado, sliced
  •         2 slices bacon
  •         3 slices of tomato
  •          mustard

For this, you will want to grill the bacon or cook it in the microwave with a paper towel. Use the romaine as the “bread” slices, layer on the bacon, tomato, and avocado, press down and cut into 2 pieces. This is a healthy meal which will keep the kids satisfied for the rest of the day!

Pasta salad

Pasta is the ultimate comfort food for kids and some of the latest options are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fiber. A simple pasta salad can be an amazing option for all kids and they will be able to enjoy a meal which is fun and filling. This is an example of a simple chicken pasta salad:

  •         1 breast chicken, grilled and sliced
  •         70g pasta (try lentil or black bean based pasta options)
  •         1 tbsp pesto
  •         6-8 cherry tomatoes, cut in half
  •         50g spinach
  •         1 tbsp cheese for sprinkling (optional)

Cook off the chicken and a pasta of your choice. Add spinach into the chicken pan just before it finishes cooking to allow it to wilt. Combine all ingredients apart from cheese in a bowl. Place cheese into a small dip contained so that your child can add this at lunchtime.