We are launching a summer program you won’t want to miss. Read through the details and email me with questions. Spots are limited, take action today.
Who is ready to slay all day? What does slay even mean? I am not certain (I am a generation too old), but I like how it rolls off the tongue.
I am led to believe it includes the idea of being confident, rested, energized, and informed, and this offering encompasses a journey of living a healthier summer than you would otherwise with timely holistic nutrition information, coaching, accountability, labs, tools, and resources. 
There is no commitment, you pick and choose what YOU need. Each month has a theme and unique offerings.
  • June’s Wellness Workshop: Successful Summer Routines June 7 at 9:30 am est.
    Going beyond basic advice, this presentation will help you get the most out of summer, supporting your:
    • time management, nutrition, and hydration – making healthy food the obvious choice,
    • stress management, seasonal nutrient needs/macro adjustments,
    • sleep hygiene, and summer routines that are worth solidifying.
  • Live SOW Well, SOW Plated wellness presentation from Kel for 60min, June 26th @ 5:30 pm. This is a very casual and fun community event in Upper Arlington at SOW Plated. Learn more.
  • Schmidt Strength – 5 Week – 6:30 AM strength class at Jeffrey Mansion, Bexley, OH June 7- July
  • 12 Days of Christmas in July with KSW starting July 14th!! Sign-up here.
  • July 14, Friday  – Cleanse with Kel on sale until 7/25! The next group “Cleanse with Kel” starts Aug 1. Buy Now.
  • July 15, Saturday – Micronutrient functional test, 10% off with code “KSW10”, Buy Now
  • July 16, Sunday – Free Virtual Workshop – the workshop is Monday, July 24 at 12 noon. Recording provided to all that register.
  • July 17, Monday – Women’s Health Hormone eCourse on sale $50 off list of $99 – Buy Now.
  • July 18, Tuesday – 10% off all supplements & free quiz to assess your supplement needs!
  • July 19, Wednesday – Wheat Zoomer functional test, 10% off sale with code “KSW10”. This is my best lab that propels the inertia of change in clients.
  • July 20, Thursday – DFW sale & Purity Coffee sale with code “KSW”
  • July 21, Friday – KSW July eBook on sale! “Blend & Go, Blood Sugar Guide & Smoothie recipes.” Buy Now. 
  • July 22, Saturday – KSW Lifestyle & Wellness 5-Week Accelerator Small Group program enrollment opens (10 seats available!!!). Transformative advice to wrap up summer, feeling your healthiest and most organized heading into a new season/routine. With over $500 in savings, this 5-week program begins Sept 6, comes with a private 1:1, 2-month membership to Kel’s Community, EatLove Meal strategy tool (what is this?), a weekly virtual educational module to build on your habits, and Kel’s functional lab, the Wheat Zoomer.
  • July 23, Sunday – CGM with Kel promo, one-day sale!
  • July 24, Monday – Free Wellness Virtual Workshop at noon est. A recording is provided to those who enroll
  • July 25, Tuesday –  KSW Community 5-month Membership sale!
  • Aug 17 – Free Wellness Workshop – Unconventional Advice for Blood Sugar Control – book HERE
  • Aug 23 – Cleanse with Kel as a group. This is Kel’s signature cleanse, 14 days, daily support, and a dairy-free and gluten-free menu (yes you eat along with smoothies and vitamins). Learn more HERE and enroll today. 
  • Slay Summer with Kel 5-Week Accelerator enrollment – for 10 clients, class begins Sept 6th
  • KSW Back-to-School Blood Sugar Friendly Lunch Box Ideas eBook
  • KSW Metabolic LabMetabolomic Spotlight from Designs for Health/Genova – functional wellness test provides an in-depth view of the function and efficiency of multiple aspects of an individual’s biochemistry and metabolism.



  • Confidence in enjoying the indulgences of summer with less bloat, more ease, and confidence,
  • a wellness community and partnering with dietitian Kel, generating ideas and routines to help you feel your best,
  • accountability helping you achieve actually what you want to accomplish this summer,
  • a month to rewrite old patterns or habits that you can adjust for better health all year long,
  • laser coaching on the monthly group call, asking Kel how to handle personal situations or questions,
  • a Wellness Community to learn from and Kel to bounce questions off of, to help you move your health forward,
  • and much more!
  • a strategy to eat “perfectly,” (there is no such thing) and following all of the advice 110%,
  • a program holding you back from enjoying seasonal indulgences,
  • a plan of restriction (the goal is to crowd your plate with real food and eat to satiety); no calorie counting, please!