This is a 5-Week Accelerator (10 seats) small group program to support you on your health journey right now, guiding you on how to be efficient and effective with your habits to support your unique needs.

Spots are limited. Class begins October 13th.

This is a transformative experience that 10 people get to enjoy with Kel, as your dietitian in your back pocket, for 5 weeks. During these 5 weeks, you will evolve your perspective on your health and overall needs with strategies and tactics Kel uses in her coaching with the grand success of feeling more energy, sleeping better, having more confidence in building a meal on your plate and diffusing cravings and chronic thoughts about food.

In your private coaching session, Kel will identify the specific areas you need to focus on while using the weekly education to build new habits and education faster.

  • This small group program has an emphasis on blood sugar control, gut health, healthy routines, and how to improve your lifestyle while attaining your health goals.
  • Spots are limited to 10 participants as 1:1 coaching is included and attention to each client is protected.
  • Begins Sept 6th; although it’s a virtual program.
  • Every enrollee is guided through a private 1:1 60-min coaching session, $499
  • provided a 2-month membership to Kel’s Community, $199
  • invited to Kel’s EatLove Meal strategy tool to help save time on meal planning, and organize recipes to fit your taste and nutrition prescription, $90
  • a weekly virtual educational video to build your habits for success, $199 
  • KSW’s functional lab, the Wheat Zoomer.$499

You get all of this plus being part of a community of people on a similar path and journey for just $999! This is a $500+ savings!

Enroll Today by registering below and this small group program will begin with a group call October 13th, Friday at noon.


Questions for Kel?


  • Is your gut inflamed? Gut health is key to optimizing blood sugar control, thyroid, health, weight loss, hormones, performance, and anti-aging.
  • Are you sensitive to gluten or wheat? The Wheat Zoomer measures markers of inflammation, antibodies to gluten and wheat, and markers for celiac disease.
  • Non-celiac gluten sensitivity is the underlying cause of gut dysfunction, inflammation, stubborn weight loss, thyroid dysfunction, brain health, and more.
  • What is the root of your problem/needs? We know for sure that sensitivity to wheat, whether it is a sensitivity to the gluten proteins, to the lectins, or to any other components of wheat can wreak havoc anywhere in your body, with the end results of an increased risk of developing an autoimmune disease.