“What used to melt off the pounds in my younger adult years, doesn’t work like it used to, help!”

If you can empathize with the above, perhaps you are not looking in the right places, focusing on the right things, or considering what pearls are more essential to support a healthy metabolism, optimal weight, and above all, healthy aging.

Join Kel this month for her NEW online wellness workshop on The 5 Rules To Fat-Loss!

In this one-hour workshop, Kel will teach you:

  • evidence-based advice on weight-loss
  • 5 key pillars to review in your own life to determine which needs the most support for the most impact
  • the foods to reach for, to support weight loss,
  • the time of day to eat for the best results,
  • how to build your plate for satiety and energy,
  • and more!

Fueling our mood with positive thoughts, experiences, and actions can help support weight loss by reducing stress eating, increasing motivation, improving sleep, enhancing self-control, and lowering cortisol levels.

Enroll now! $49