Can you explain this program?

This is a great program for anyone interested in enhancing their health with better nutrition, supplements, and optimal habits. Along with the actual product, this offering comes with structure and tools to help you know what to eat, how to shop, and more.

If you are thinking about coming on board as a 1:1 client, this program is ideal to do before we begin our time together. Additionally, Kel runs this program as a group twice a year and the next group will begin Monday, September 12th 2022. Yet, note, you can do this 2 week program at any time of the year.

Tune in to this short video to learn if my 2-week program will help you with your wellness goals this month!

How Is Does The 14-Day Cleanse Work?

Kel’s program isn’t just a cleanse diet. It’s a structured program that brings healthy lifestyle habits into focus. It’s designed to purify, nourish, and help clients maintain healthy body weight while providing great support to the liver, kidneys, and gallbladder.

During these 2 weeks, you’ll be guided to eat whole foods, exercise, drink two nutritious shakes a day, and take supplements made with whole food and other ingredients.

The menu includes a varied abundance of fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and seafood/animal protein. The supplements support the body’s ability to remove naturally occurring toxins.

Is the Cleanse Effective?

Juice fasts and liquid diets are more of a gut rest and calorie deficit program that are more hype than impact. Spring cleanse is a researched program that targets the 3 phases of a detox is a program worth investing in.

Metabolic Detoxification: The Three Phases

It’s a series of natural biochemical processes responsible for clearing toxins from our bodies. In the three-phase process, the body unlocks fat-soluble toxins and converts them to a water-soluble state that is easier for our bodies to remove. We need key nutrients and phytonutrients to support each of these phases.

Phase I: Unlock

The body transforms fat-soluble toxins into an “unlocked” state that is more water-soluble, and in many cases, more toxic than its original form.

Phase II: Neutralize

The highly toxic substances produced in Phase I convert to non-toxic molecules and become even more water-soluble.

Phase III: Eliminate

Water-soluble toxins leave cells, and the body eliminates them. Kel’s Cleanse delivers key nutrients for each of these important phases.

Ready to Start Your Program?

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What’s Included?

What a great form of self-care to do a structured program that helps guide you on healthy habits and wellness strategies. This is a program Kelly has used with her clients for years and now she can provide you with impactful tools beyond a cleanse booklet and detox kit.

  • a gluten-free meal plan with simple meals and based on whole, real foods,
  • a grocery list, coinciding with the meal plan,
  • a tracking tool for fasting, water intake, and sleep,
  • daily motivational guidance,
  • tips on how to succeed and more!

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Daily Food Goals:

Crowd your plate with real food, reducing sugar and all forms of flour. Your shakes can be a meal replacement or they can cover 1 meal and be one snack in the afternoon. The overall goal is to have 28 shakes in 14-days, so the liver can be prompted to go through the 3 phases of detox: mobilize toxins, bind toxins, and eliminate toxins.
Testimonial, 4/2/21: "This program was surprisingly easier than you'd expect and our energy 
is high, my skin is glowing, my weight is down 7 pounds and, best of all, my doctor told 
me to discontinue my blood pressure medication. Literally!" - female client, Denise


PaleoCleanse PlusTM

  • Comprehensive combination of nutrients, antioxidants, fiber, fruit and vegetable extracts, and herbs that support the overall metabolic detoxification process while balancing Phase I and II detoxification pathways
  • 18 grams of HydroBEEFTM, a highly concentrated, pure beef broth protein isolate • Pleasant strawberry-vanilla flavor; mixes easily in any beverage
  • Free of dairy, gluten, and lactose; sweetened with the natural herb stevia


  • Supports effective phase II liver detoxification, which is essential to prevent the production of intermediate metabolites that could cause symptoms or sensitivity reactions during detoxification
  • Nutritional support to help conjugate toxins and prepare them for safe elimination from the body

Detox AntioxTM

  • Synergistically combines an extensive array of nutrients that combat free radicals and help support the detoxification of chemicals and heavy metals
  • Contains multiple nutrients known to raise glutathione levels, making it helpful for supporting phase II liver detoxification


PS, all of this includes a ~ $200 investment (shipping and taxes not included)! Fill out the form below and Kel will follow up with more information and a link to join.