Going on vacation from my diabetes while on vacation, could end up like going to the beach without sunblock.

There are a few routines and rules I try to keep in place for smooth travel too.

Granted I ate every fruit insight to keep my levels up on the first 2 days, I reduced my basal by 15% and do the following when traveling:

  • protein & black coffee in the morning
  • stay active in local, outdoor ways (shout-out paddleboarding!)
  • hydrate, hydrate and hydrate some more. Especially before and after flights.
  • I pack all and any food I may need for the airport.
  • I eat 10-15 grams of carbs as I land (my blood sugars always drop w elevation). It most often is a small apple.
  • I am bold w insulin and changing basals.
  • I pack more than enough supplies and have special coolers and cases to keep my insulin at the right temps.
  • I wear 1-2 forms of medical IDs
  • I drink what I want, when I want if, but only if I like what is served and not in an amount that I don’t feel well. Aka, with my recent #sobercurious adventure this has been about a glass of dry wine a day or less at our all-inclusive resort.
  • I bring Larabar minis and dried dates to correct low blood sugars and store all the above on my hotel nightstand if needed.
  • I bring multiple adhesive patches, #simpatches, for my #dexcom, in case it starts to peel off from swimming.
  • If we eat dinner late, I eat light.
Do you implement any steps for better blood sugar control and travel? Would love to know what those actions are! Stay safe friends!