Good morning,

It’s been a minute, actually, 9 months since I had a delicious smoothie (pro tip: don’t overdo something like a yummy smoothie too much that you burnout). But this week, I was low on groceries and the snow outside was too high to want to go anywhere, and the smoothie fit the need for my lunch.

And guess what? It was so good that I am back to having 1 most days.

Why am I excited about this?! When made the right way, a smoothie can be the most nutritious meal of my day and it is a great tool for steady blood sugar levels, healing the body and gut, and fueling my body for optimal performance, even if it is just mental clarity to be better at my job.

For inspo, I am sharing my smoothie tips below!



  1. Save money and time but using ingredients from the freezer, especially frozen vegetables (zucchini, cauliflower, kale, spinach).
  2. Have a smoothie as your first meal to assist in hydration.
  3. Blend your greens first if you do not have a fancy blender. I use this one at home, and on the road (when that happens).
  4. Add ice – ice makes every smoothie taste better.
  5. Use high fiber fruits (berries are great) and avoid fruit juices. Keep to no more than 3 servings of fruit a day if weight loss is your goal.
  6. Always add in fat (MCT oil is always a fast and easy go-to. If you use this, start w/ 1 tsp and move up to 1Tbsp). Other options include nuts, nut butter, avocado, seeds, etc.
  7. Add texture to the final product so you actually chew your smoothie, allowing the food to register better with your brain, making it more satiating. My favs? Seeds or cocoa nibs.
  8. Prep ingredients ahead of time. In my pantry I have organized containers, making it easy to pull out the items I want to whip up. Here is a video of my pantry.
  9. Use spices like cinnamon, cocoa, nutmeg, and ADD a pinch of sea salt to improve electrolyte balance and enhance the flavor.
  10. Use all kinds of frozen vegetables. It’s surprising how well spinach, frozen zucchini, and cauliflower, etc, blend in.
  11. Use extracts so you can add flavor without having to add more sugar/carbs.
  12. Get an adequate amount of protein in your meal replacements by using anti-inflammatory collagen. You can order collagen directly with this link – or send Kelly an email  (let her know if you prefer a vegan option, chocolate, vanilla or unflavored).