In the last week I have slipped in to the world of grains while nurturing my jaw. This has not lead me anywhere I want to be. I feel moody, my glucose levels have been harder to control and I need to stop comforting myself with childhood peanut butter and jellies. The gluten free bread and legumes can easily be replaced and I have to make the switch stat.

But where do I turn? I cannot eat eggs 24/7 and protein shakes are skewing my taste-buds with the sucralose and other alternative sweeteners. Do not get me wrong, protein shakes have their place and worked wonders prior to my surgery and right after but now it is time to focus on a continued trail of healing and health.

Comfort foods (good-bye):

Rice, sushi
Toasted bread with nut butter and/or butter
Cereal, soggy
Yogurt, ice cream

Paleo (hello!!):
Minced meat – meat balls, tacos with no shell, patties mixed with diced onion, spinach, peppers
Cauliflower, steamed, mashed
Cooked beets and carrots
Baked apples with cinnamon
Nut butter with  green-like banana
Coconut milk blended with frozen berries
Eggs, poached, scrambled or hard boiled
Vegetable juices
Grilled flaky fish
Pumpkin, squash, cooked

The list goes on and how did I not start here in the first place? Do you have any ideas that are tasty, soft and paleo. I need to keep up the variety to avoid the comfort foods that send my blood sugars on a roller coaster.

Cheers to you and good health!