While taking advantage of the few days I have off from work, allowing for my jaw to heel and stitches to dissolve, I am doing what I love – exploring health, which includes attending the local market and Natural Health store in Prahran.

Beyond my motive to explore the shelves of the market and health store, I needed coconut milk. While checking out I ask the lady, whom was a naturopath, how she eats coconut oil. I have had a nice large jar of coconut oil at home and have not found a way to enjoy the healthy ingredient. I have used the oil with fish, vegetables and eggs but the taste has yet to be enjoyable.

Solution? Eat it by the spoonful…..I wonder if the naturopath actually enjoys this…or use it in sweet things like muffins, pancakes and desserts. Not a bad idea. I can use it in my paleo pancakes. And an obvious suggestion was to use it in curries.

So I spun my wheels, picked up some fresh beets and carrots and headed home. What an amazing and nutrient-packed lunch I had today.

Sweet Carrot, Beet and Spice Delight:

1 large organic carrot, sliced

1 purple beet, sliced

Coconut oil

Ginger, grated

Cinnamon, to taste

Sea salt, to taste

Coconut milk, 1/2 cup


1/2 half lemon, squeezed

10-15 raisins, organic

1 ounce pine nuts

Slice the roots and put in a small soup pan with a dollop of coconut oil. Let cook down for a few minutes and begin adding the spices (ginger, salt) and squeeze over some lemon. Cover dish and let simmer. Add water when ingredients appear dry and liquid soaks-up. Add raisins and allow dish to cook to preferred texture. With a broken jaw – I went very soft.