Today, Tuesday, I ate:

Breakfast: 7:20AM
Savory eggs (free range eggs x 2, cinnamon, ginger, sea salt, coconut oil, coconut milk, coconut flour)
1 large strawberry, sliced

Lunch: 1:20PM
2 prawn and avocado nori rolls (no rice)

Exercise: Walked home from work, 4 miles/6K

Snack: 3:30PM
3 pitted dates and nutbutter

Gym: warm-up with cycling, then kettlebell workout on the arms

Dinner: 6:30PM
Lamb/grass-fed beef herb burger patty
Sliced tomato with basil, sea salt, olive oil and balsamic
6 mushrooms, raw, button
1 glass of Sauv Blanc (leftover from Christmas party)

Every time I walk by this tree, I am in ahh. The purple flowers are so bright and the house in the background is so dreamy. Take a close look and day dream…

Snack: 8PM
1/2 banana and nutbutter