For a number of reasons, last week felt heavier. It felt a little harder, and the weight of it all came up on every client call I had. Personally, I felt it too. We are on week 11 of social/physical distancing and our spirits can feel it. While I am not rushing these mellow feelings away, as I know they will backfire, I have been trying to think of ways to be 1% happier by committing to the below.

Once this is all over, I hope we can enlist a number of positive things that we took away from COVID-19. Until then, continue to make the small, positive decisions to take care of yourself today and this week.

Right now is not normal, and we are being spread in ways we could never have fathomed. I am sure my parents felt this same way (and perhaps right no too) when I was diagnosed on my 8th birthday. But someone, that diagnosis has shaped, has been turned into a positive and indeed had a silver lining. Until the silver lining shows up, I am working on the following to feel 1% happier:
  • Go on a backroad drive, like down Sunbury road up to my parents in Westerville, windows down, sun-roof open, playing the best of the best from the 80s.
  • Pay it forward. Donate your time, talent, or treasure to someone or something that means a lot to you. If you need an idea, check out Kelly’s Corner below! Did you know 100 hours a year is the magical amount?
  • Be more patient and graceful with me, and trying my best to be patient with others. Along with themes on my calls last week with clients, spouses are having conflicts, and try to remember we are all doing the best we can (shoutout Brene Brown).
  • Make an effort to see people in the flesh. Zooms of the world are good for keeping us in touch, but being outside in fresh air, having a conversation with a friend (6 feet apart) is good for the mind, body, and spirit.
  • Go to bed by 10 pm.
  • Stay motivated to take the best care of me. Sure I have seen a few high blood sugar numbers that I haven’t seen in a long time, but instead of judging how much time I am in range (aka my CGM standard deviation), I am judging how fast I react to supporting a better blood sugar reading.
  • Remove the COVID-19 food splurges zero in on food – so my body responds better to stress.
  • Prioritize movement; research shows 7 minutes might be all you need. Exercise can be as effective or more effective than anti-depressants. I am not suggesting folks pitch their meds to move, but know, exercise is a free resource to help us with mental health. The rest of this month, I am committed to “1 mile a day in the month of May.” Join me?!
  • Along the same lines, get outside multiple times a day. I had a park date and walked in the rain last month with one of my best friends, and no doubt, it was the best medicine.
  • Spend more time on my mat (yoga mat).