As someone with type 1 diabetes and always on the go for work and fitness, I need to be armed with something to deal with low blood sugars (hypoglycemia). My go-to item to have in my hand bag are raisins. They are small enough you can judge just the right amount you need to lift your blood sugar, they are portable, surely last and can sit in your kitchen cabinet for ages.

My new virtual friend, Tracy, at California Raisins emailed last week offering a library of information on raisins and I could not help but eat it up; no pun intended.

Raisins are a staple item on my grocery list and it is nice to know that beyond a natural sweetness enhancer for recipes and snacks that they have many health benefits such as: lowering blood pressure, high in antioxidants, have signficant amounts of potassium, iron and dietary fiber and more.

Raisins fit nicely in most recipes especially casseroles, meats, salads, eggs (yes I said eggs) and trail mixes.

Next trip to the market consider an economical purchase of raisins to brighten a favorite meal.

As clearly mentioned above, raisins pack a healthful punch but all good things should be consumed in moderation.