I have surely been short on time with lots of travel, work, holidays and friends and family visiting us in Australia and in between glasses of wines and nights out on the town, I have become swift in my meal prep. Lately my go-to is tuna. It is such a nutrient-packed protein and insanely convenient. More so, wild tuna packed in 100% olive oil encompasses an ideal macronutrient profile. Below are very basic and satisfying meals I throw together for a packed lunch at work.

If inspired to follow these ideas be sure to read the fine print at the grocery store. So many of the olive oil packed tunas have other messy oils in them such as canola oil or safflower oil. Stay away from the latter oils and seek out the 100% olive oil. If to no avail you can’t find tuna in 100% olive oil, purchase the tuna in water or brine and add a high quality olive oil when prepping your meal.

Cheers to you and good health!