It is almost my birthday and looking back on my 27th year of age – a heck of a lot has happened. Good and bad.

The Good: Moved twice. First from Chicago to Ohio, starting a new role at Abbott Nutrition as a sales rep, and then again in January, relocating to Australia with my now husband. If not obvious enough with the last statement, I got married! I have flown around the world twice. I have started a new job in a new industry and have acquired more friends than I could have ever dreamed. I finally tried duck, snorkeled through the Great Barrier Reef and became an Aunt.

The Bad: With big life events, there is stress and with stress, there are ups and down in blood sugar control. Along with last year’s event there were many time zone changes. Flying also has a tole on my blood sugar control, especially when I am changing to such drastic time changes. And lastly and most recently, I was in an accident and on the mend of a broken jaw. Broken jaw means eating softer and different food, which again means a challenge on my glucose control.

Bottom line: I would not trade this last year for anything. I have AMAZING memories, I have grown and changed for the better, and married my best friend. But I have one of the worse A1C% I have ever had. I must and am doing something about it and I want to make my goals public. Why? As a type 1 diabetic, sensitive to dairy, caffeine, birth control and legumes, potentially nuts too, I have a tough case. But I will succeed. I am determined. Can any of you relate?

For the next 3 months I am going to eat strictly paleo and re-do some of my labs. This is my main goal because when I avoid grains, legumes, dairy, white potato, corn and sugar, I have a much smaller margin of error in controlling my blood sugar.

I have chosen 3 months because this will allow for enough time to see change in my A1C%. Red blood cells turnover ~ every 3-4 months and closer to the 4 months when eating a low carbohydrate diet.

Wish me luck and I intend to blog many days of what I eat. I will admit I get to have a gluten free peanut butter banana sandwich on my birthday and for Christmas. Food is medicine but it is also one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Cheers to you and good health!