Case of the Monday’s already? You just woke up.

Monday’s are not my favorite day of the week but it is a good day to plan what is ahead for the next 5-7 days. Think of any adjustments you can tweak, let it be organise your calendar, plan some dates with friends and husband/partner, wake up early and watch the sunrise, clean up your indulgences from the weekend, etc.

Look at Monday’s as a fresh start, as something new. It’s a new week, new day and you can be a new you. Set you mind to something and reach for it and beyond.

Make a goal this Monday. Typical, I first think of health goals, then fitness then creativity. This week, this is what I am reaching for:

  • Take at least 1 picture a day that inspires me
  • Eat the cleanest I ever have for a week straight – avoiding inflammatory foods such as legumes, dairy, sugar, grains. No slip ups.
  • Hit the gym as often as I can and as often as my body wants to, channeling in when I feel I need rest. And attend one new fitness class.
  • Start reading a new book. I just wrapped up “One Day,” which was so divine. Loved it.
What are you aiming for this week? Nonetheless, have a great Monday and treat yourself to some nice green tea or coffee.
Cheers to you and good health!