Full disclosure, I put my Christmas tree up far too early. Since being a young girl, I love sharing, showing, and glowing with the holiday spirit. Below I have included a list of gifts that I have been researching since the end of summer and I hope you find something unique and perhaps even a little needed for yourself and others.

Above all, as we get older, our list grows shorter, as it’s not things we want, but experiences, emotions, and memories. However, don’t hold yourself back on spoiling yourself too. You deserve it.

For the Fitness Fan

  • Acupressure mat – After a long day, lay on the mat for 10-30 minutes and relax. The acupressure points massage your back to help release tight muscles and relieve stress. It can even improve your sleep. In addition to laying on your back, you can lay on your stomach to relax muscles after a workout or to aid in digestion.
  • Workout dice – change things up, and always have a workout plan at your fingertips with these workout dice.
  • A weighted jump rope – workout ANYWHERE with this workout tool. I’ve been known to wake up a household one summer vacation I just roped on the top deck. Perhaps use this somewhere on solid ground.
  • A Theragun MIni – Easy to grip, compact yet powerful. The Mini strikes a unique balance between power and portability. Cramps and knots are easily resolved everywhere you go.
  • Hydrojug – Carrying your daily water needs is easy with the integrated carry loop, making that half-gallon a cinch to take with you wherever you go.

For the Journaler 

  • The 5-Minute Journal – although has a small section of content to read and very much important to do before reading, this journal has helped really cope with my Dad being sick this year and evolve as an adult and health coach.
  • The Hive Five Journal – HIGHLY recommended by a client, I felt I had to include this journal by famous author Mel Robbins. This journal is simple and very effective…great for someone who gets overwhelmed with just the thought of journaling, but who is also trying to practice taking action and getting into a routine.

For the Budding Chef Or Foodie 

  • The Ninja Foodi Never Stick Pan Your new 4-quart go-to pan replaces a stainless-steel fry pan, nonstick fry pan, sauté pan, skillet, saucier, saucepan, steamer, strainer, spatula, cast iron skillet, roasting pan, and baking dish.
  • Ninja Air Fryer – With over 16K reviews and a competitive price, you can’t go wrong buying this kitchen appliance. It took me years to jump onto this trend, and I love using it weekly to make fast and well-liekd meals.

For the Selfcare Sleuth

  • Solawave Skincare Therapy Wand – If the last few years have aged you, you aren’t alone. Enter the SolaWave: a device that uses red light therapy, microcurrents, facial massage, and therapeutic warmth to boost your skin’s youthful glow, and fade blemishes and fine lines.
  • I’ve used this nighttime face cream for years and it’s one of the best products I use and the cost is very realistic. Origins Drink Up Face Mask lotion is of a kind and perfect for this cold season and beyond.
  • A gift card to a local spa – Massages are a wonderful gift to help loved ones reduce stress, pain, tension, and muscle fatigue. They can also boost your immunity and help improve the quality of life for those you care about.
  • Thrive mascara – my SIL turned me onto this mascara. It looks beautiful and it’s wonderful for those with contacts. I like how it comes off and does not smear under the eye.

For the Health Nut

  • A Subscription to Butcher Box – has made it their mission to create a community around raising animals ethically and positively impacting the planet. Their meats are free-range and grass-fed from small farms. Everything is delivered to your door on a schedule of your choosing.
  • An order of Dry Farm Wine or Subscribe – using this link will allow you to purchase a bottle for a penny $0.01. But the real reason I share this wine is that it’s my go-to gift and pleasure personally. There is no other standard of wine that is as gentle on my blood sugars. Also as someone who enjoys wine on the weekends while socializing at length, the wine is lower in alcohol.
  • Join Kel’s New Year Program, Battle Belly Fat, and Metabolic Reset. This is a wonderful and impactful 2-week virtual program. More information is here. Please note the investment in this program is only the cost of the wellness product. The coaching, weekly support, meal plan, and materials are free, but you must be a member of Kel’s Community to participate.
  • Hu Chocolate – indulge in rich antioxidants and rich chocolate without lecithin additives. When even offering my mom, a chocolate connoisseur a break off of Hu chocolate, she immediately noted, “Hu chocolate is WONDERFUL.” use code KELLYS or this link to save 15% of your order.

For the Personal Growth Seeker

  • Affirmation cards – Affirmation cards usually come in a deck of cards similar to playing cards. Each card has a different positive affirmation to boost your confidence and focus for the day. You simply shuffle the deck, draw one out, and then contemplate the affirmation and how it may help you better yourself and your day.
  • Hire or purchase a session with a coach. A dietitian coach, personal trainer, life coach, or business coach. The accountability and progress that and coach provides are surmountable.
  • Join Kel’s Community, monthly membership. Learn more about this enriching wellness program here. This membership will be going through a slight remodel/enhancement come 2023, and with this, prices will adjust on January 1.

For the Kids (or Husband)

  • An indoor putting green – Multiple cup targets allow you to vary your angles and practice different putt lengths. A slight incline at the cups helps to develop firmness of stroke, and the built-in hazards help catch missed shots.