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Blending my dietetics with a life of type 1 diabetes, I have designed programs as stepping stones to pave the way for your success using functional nutrition strategies.

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KSW Signature 1:1 Coaching Package

As a type-1 Registered Dietitian, Kelly works with you to improve your health through nutrition coaching sessions to better manage blood sugars, improve digestion, and more.

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Influencer Work, Presentations & Writing

Kelly can boost your company’s product through her influencer work, lead your organization in a wellness program or a presentation, or provide writing material as a consultant.

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Kelly is a sought-after speaker at events who engages the audience and leaves them motivated. Contact Kelly today to discuss needs for your event.

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“I’ve had type 1 diabetes since 1991 and dare I say I am thankful for my diabetes? It has made me the person I am today and it has taught me empathy and how to live a life to the fullest. While any health condition can be frustrating, I never wish my diabetes to be easier. Instead, I strive to understand it better. As a Registered Dietitian I aim to be a 5 star service for my clients, helping them to be at their peak and live a life they want.”