Enhancing Blood Sugar Control

Masterclass: Improving Blood Sugar Control & Hunger Hormones

A perfect fit for anyone looking to upgrade their diet, lifestyle, and habits.
In fact, this is a great program to start with if you are wanting to work with Kelly 1:1 but also a perfect program to do seasonally to optimize your health.

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30-Day Real Food Cleanse/Detox

Kel's Real Food Cleanse

This is a great program for anyone interested in enhancing their health and lifestyle with better nutrition and optimal habits. Along with the actual detoxification support vitamin packets, this offering comes with the structure of a meal plan, daily advice, and tools to help you succeed. This is a great program to do 2x a year or anytime you lose more than 10% of your body weight.

~$137 (depending on shipping)

30-Day Blood Sugar/Insulin Resistance Reset

Blood Sugar/Insulin Resistance Reset

This program comes with targeted nutrition supplements and Kel’s Well World app for accountability. Kel selects a 4-week meal plan (based on your taste preference/vegetarian/low carb, etc), grocery lists, daily wellness tips, to-do lists, and education to target better blood sugar control by improving your insulin sensitivity, which improves cravings and weight loss efforts.

This is a great program to do when you have recently gained weight, have a harder time with an ideal fasting blood sugar, and/or bi-annually being proactive with your metabolic health. Kel does this every 6 months.
~$145 (depending on shipping)