Flatten Your Blood Sugar Curve Masterclass

A holistic nutrition program designed to teach you how to adopt small habits for robust results for smoother blood sugars and appetite, and improved mood and energy levels.

This is an ongoing program that kicks off each month on the first Sunday of the month. Please review the information offered and let Kel know if you’d like to join her in the next class.

A perfect fit for anyone who is on insulin looking to upgrade their diet, lifestyle, and habits to better their blood sugar management and overall health. In fact, this is a great program to start with if you are considering working with Kel 1:1 but also a perfect program to do seasonally to optimize your health.

This program is 6 weeks in length (the first week is a warm-up to help give you time and help pace you to get familiar with the materials) and can be held any time of the year that best works for you. Enroll/express interest by filling out the below.

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Until 1954 it was said running faster than 4min wasn’t possible. That year it was done and 46 days later the record was broken again. Limiting beliefs are real. Trust the journey, do your best to absorb the information Kel will provide in 6-weeks, but more so, the lessons you can learn from the group and crush your results.

Blood Sugar Control is Everything

A study published in early 2021 in Nature Metabolism found why some people struggle to lose weight, even on calorie-controlled diets, and highlight the importance of understanding personal metabolism and blood sugar control when it comes to diet and health.

This research shows that people who experience big dips in blood sugar levels (as shown on their CGMs, woot!), several hours after eating, end up feeling hungrier and consuming hundreds more calories during the day than others.

Big dippers had a 9% increase in hunger, and waited around half an hour less, on average, before their next meal than little dippers, even though they ate exactly the same meals. They also ate 75 more calories in the 3-4 hours after breakfast and around 312 calories more over the whole day than little dippers. This kind of pattern could potentially turn into 20 pounds of weight gain over a year.


Strategy is far more powerful than willpower. This program helps you make wellness, blood sugar control and feeling good from the inside out more effortless.

A lot of people succeed at hitting a wellness goal but not many succeed at maintaining their accomplishments. The tools provided in this online course are not quick fixes. This class is the timeframe to build your strategy and education of knowing better.

In this program, I’m taking over a decade of studies and coaching and breaking it down into specific pearls that you can apply to your health and live your best life long-term. Let’s lose inflammation from start to finish, feel better, and have better blood sugar control.


…to become the best version of ourselves!

  • In the Sunday morning modules, Kel will use her 5 pillars of wellness to help you minimize blood sugar swings, enhance your energy levels, hormones, and appetite regulation.
  • Every day you will have daily tips and guidance, leading you to small doable changes to inch closer to your goal.
  • Kel will enroll you into her wellness app where the program materials, including an eBook with some worksheets to help you create change, and sample meal templates/meal plans, and provide an individual assessment, helping you steer your focus on the most important habits to begin.
  • Optional add-ons include recommended vitamins or protein powder for a smoothie and another a la carte option to have a discounted 1:1 mid-point counseling session.


We can’t put a price on wellness. Health is wealth, and if we outlined the tools and services of this program, it’d value over $1,000.

Kicking off 2022, we are enlisting this program for only $499*

This includes the 6-week class, an initial live 1:1 session with Kel, and virtual support throughout.

*Within the program you can add on any of the recommended vitamins Kel may suggest. You are able to choose how you want to design these 6 weeks and Kel will help you exceed expectations! Pick the best starting date that works for your schedule and Kel will set you up.*

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Kel’s 2-Week Real Food Cleanse

This is a great program for anyone interested in enhancing their health and lifestyle with better nutrition and optimal habits. Along with the actual detoxification support vitamin packets, this offering comes with the structure of a meal plan, daily advice, and tools to help you succeed. This is a great program to do 2x a year or anytime you lose more than 10% of your body weight.

Kel runs this program as a group twice a year (aligning with the first day of Spring & Fall, which are March & September of 2022), but you can enroll and do this 14-day program at any time of the year that works best for your schedule.

Starts at $175 with an optional add-on for soil-based probiotics.

Kel’s 2-Week Metabolic Reset

This is a great program for anyone interested in improving their body composition, weight loss, and/or fasting blood sugar level. and weight loss.

This program comes with targeted nutrition supplements, 2 smoothie powders per day, and Kel’s wellness app for accountability. Kel has selected a 2-week meal plan, and grocery lists, and will send daily wellness tips, checklists, and education to target better food choices, to improve cravings and weight loss efforts.

Kel runs this program as a group twice a year (May & end of October), but you can enroll and do this 14-day program at anytime of the year that works best for your schedule.

Starts at $175 with an option to add on a spore soil-based probiotic.

Kel’s KSW Membership

Believe it or not, I have been in private practice guiding thousands of people toward better health, fitness, and overall wellness for 10 years! The time has finally come to launch The KSW membership. This is not just any membership, but one that is purely focused on accountability and community. Did I mention any of the perks included?! Before I get there, let me explain how it works…

$10.99/month or $30/quarter