Until 1954 it was said running faster than 4min wasn’t possible. That year it was done and 46 days later the record was broken again. Limiting beliefs are real. Trust the journey, do your best to absorb the information Kel will provide, and know you can reach out to her at any time. She is loyal to your success but Kel will never try harder for you than you try for yourself. You’ve got this. Re-set your vision and revise your limiting beliefs.

Kel’s Community

Kel’s Community is a unique membership focused on holistic health with practical daily solutions. You gain exclusive access to any of my offered programs, you have weekly touch-points, a themed monthly wellness challenge, a monthly live group call, and more.

My goal is to help inspire you and shape your outlook on what health truly is and how you can better reach your goals. I am ready to fuel you with education on how to improve your lifestyle, mindset, and food choices, creating inertia to allow for real change.

Please note, that you must first be a member before working with Kel in a group offering.

$10.99/month or $60/6 months

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Kel’s 30-Day Insulin Resistance Wellness Program

This program is a reset of healthy habits that supports steady blood sugars, weight loss, and wellness. The targeted 30-Day nutrition supplements will support cravings, insulin resistance, and how your body uses fat for energy. (I saw an increase of up to 20% in insulin sensitivity, for example). A low-glycemic, gluten-free, and dairy-free 28-day meal plan is included to support blood sugar control and inflammation. Meal plans average ~1700 calories and 30 grams of sugar per day.

This is a fitting program for someone who wants to turn the scale around, let that be 5 pounds or more. This program is not for someone who has a history of disordered eating nor pregnant or breastfeeding. Above all, this program is not about a hyper-focus on calories in verse calories out. Weight loss is a hormonal process and the education along with the tools provided in this month’s program has much to offer.

Starts at $160 with an optional add-on of soil-based probiotics

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CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) with Kel – COMING SOON!!

A holistic nutrition program designed to help you uncover what foods help you not just survive, but thrive, as well as, teach you how to adopt small habits for robust results for smoother blood sugars, cravings, weight loss, better mood, balanced hormones, and energy levels.

Each cohort begins on the first Sunday of the month. Enroll below to get enlisted with the next group of students.

This is a perfect fit for anyone who is not diabetic, but curious about blood sugar control and looking to upgrade their diet, lifestyle holistically, and habits to better their health, disease prevents, fertility, energy levels, performance, blood sugar management, and overall health.

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Kel’s Foundational Programs

The offerings below are perfect starting places to begin once someone becomes a member of Kel’s monthly community membership. The 2-week cleanse and reset are held annually but can also be done at any time. Kel does these programs with the group each year and is happy to answer any questions. Each program is design to be a solid stepping stone for health, healing and filtering habits and rituals.

Kel’s 2-Week Metabolic Reset

This is a great program for anyone interested in improving their body composition, weight loss, and/or fasting blood sugar level. and weight loss.

This program comes with targeted nutrition supplements, 2 smoothie powders per day, and Kel’s wellness app for accountability. Kel has selected a 2-week meal plan, and grocery lists, and will send daily wellness tips, checklists, and education to target better food choices, to improve cravings and weight loss efforts.

Kel runs this program as a group twice a year (May & end of October), but you can enroll and do this 14-day program at anytime of the year that works best for your schedule.

Starting at ~$199 with an option to add on for a spore soil-based probiotic.

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Kel’s 2-Week Real Food Cleanse

This is a great customized 14-day program for anyone interested in enhancing their health and lifestyle with better nutrition and optimal habits.

  • Along with the actual meals/meal plan/recipes, you will use the supplied detoxification support vitamin packets and collagen-based smoothies, daily advice, and tools to help you succeed.
  • This is a great program to do 2x a year or anytime you lose more than 10% of your body weight.

Kel runs this program as a group twice a year (aligning with the first day of Spring & Fall, which are March & September of 2022), but you can enroll and do this 14-day program at any time of the year that works best for your schedule.

Starts at $199 with an optional add-on for soil-based probiotics.

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