We all know we shouldn’t eat ultra-processed foods, and we also know the reasons why we shouldn’t, but sometimes it straight up happens. In fact, it very often happens during the holiday season. Oye! The average American adult gains 6 pounds every year from Halloween to New Year’s Eve.

But with this amazingly fun challenge, that ain’t happen on my watch! And maybe you are thinking, “Kel, that doesn’t happen to me!” Well, you are just among the 12% who get by without adjusting your belt hole.

So let’s cut to the chase and let me explain what is involved in the challenge:

  • Step #1: sign-up by emailing me [email protected]
  • Step #2: Once I get your email, I will invite you to my wellness app where all the material, recipes, daily notes, trackers are housed, along with a link to order the Lean Eating Challenge kit ($190 & includes 2 smoothies/day).
  • Step #2.5: Make sure you tell me what flavor you would like most for the smoothies. There is chocolate and vanilla. I am going to enjoy vanilla. Boom!
  • Step #3: Review the materials and shape up your kitchen to reflect easy ingredients to make your meals, including 2 smoothies a day. The program comes with a meal plan, grocery list, etc if you want to follow everything 100%. I will be using all of the above for inspiration. I sometimes love/hate the rebel within myself.
  • Step #4: Use hashtag #LeanEatingwithKel on social media every time you want to share a healthy task or food you are eating during the 2-week program. Every time you do so, I will put your name in a raffle to win free access to my 6 week Blood Sugar Reset Masterclass launching 1/17/22, valued at $699!

The party begins, Monday after Thanksgiving 11/29/21!