We all know we shouldn’t eat ultra-processed foods, and we also know the reasons why we shouldn’t, but sometimes it straight up happens. In fact, it very often happens during the holiday season. Oye! The average American adult gains 6 pounds every year from Halloween to New Year’s Eve.

But with this 2-week guided program, that ain’t happen on my watch!

Get a taste of this plan by watching my welcome video, which comes along with the program materials.

So let’s cut to the chase and let me explain what is involved in this program and maybe you’d like to join?

Basic steps to getting started and what all is involved:

  • Step #1: Sign-up by emailing me [email protected]
  • Step #2: I will invite you to my wellness app where all the materials I have designed for this specific program are housed including recipes, daily notes, trackers, along with a link to order the Metabolic Reset Kit (~$175 & includes 2 smoothies/day and targeted vitamins for the metabolism and lean body mass. Tax and shipping is not included with this noted price).
  • Step #3: After placing your order and wait on the product to arrive, you can prep by reviewing the program’s materials.
  • The program comes with a meal plan, grocery list, ability to track and share w/ Kel your hydration, sleep, digestion, food intake, and movement, and also you have access to message with Kel 24/7.
  • The meal plan and recipes can be used entirely, or just as inspiration. Use the tools however helps you the best. I have seen about 50% of participants to use the meal plan religiously, where others just focus on the foods they should crowd their plate with while minimizing sugar, vegetable oils, dairy, and processed grains.
  • Step #4: Make the 2 weeks as fun and enjoyable as you can. I will lead this program 2-3x a year as a group, but you can also do this any time of the year when it works best for your schedule.
  • No doubt, make the most of these 2 weeks and stay in contact with me as much as you need by asking questions or sharing notes.
  • This is an overall great program to reset your taste preferences, calibrate your habits, support your metabolism and lean out.

Learn more about the product and nutrients included by clicking here.

The VegeMeal™ Plus lean body program is designed to support healthy weight loss and successful weight maintenance by helping individuals lose fat while maintaining lean muscle.* The program is easy to follow, which translates into high compliance and great outcomes. The simple steps to success are highlighted in the patient guidebook that comes with Kel’s program, which is included in every program kit.