Kel’s 2021 Wellness Gift Guide

Kel’s 2021 Wellness Gift Guide

I love nothing more than a gift or gifting something that helps someone feel better to live a high-quality life. Some of these items I do indeed have an affiliate account with (bc I love them) and some of the items I’ve listed I get nothing besides pure joy for promoting them.

Roses are red, violets are blue, there is no shame in buying for yourself too!


  • Pique Tea. I love my coffee, but when it comes to Tea, Pique tea is the best. Beyond taste, they are also clear of chlorines or toxins, which can be found, unfortunately, in many tea bags.
  • I am going to now list my favorite, sulfite-free, GMO-free, and dye-free wine, Dry Farm Wine. Parties this year are fewer, but you can send the party as a gift with this healthier wine, which is also blood sugar friendly. Dry Farm Wine has been superior to other organic wines on the market on my blood sugar control. I am sharing the latter as many friends have touted the benefits of other wines with similar marketing, but the impact on my blood sugars is not the same.

  • Speaking of quality, just this season Dry Farm Wine now distributes international extra virgin olive oil, which is tested for purity, proven to be 100% olive oil, and has high polyphenol content. Grab yours here.  Even if you find “extra virgin” oil in stores, it’s likely not accurate. XVOO curates the most delicious, healthiest, and trustworthy oil on the planet through direct relationships with small farmers, independent lab testing, and a relentless commitment to taste.
  • Hu chocolate – this is my GO-TO chocolate when the desire strikes. My favorite flavor is cashew raspberry, hands-down.
  • LMNT electrolyte powder. My fav? Chocolate Salt. I have it most days after lunch. Unlike many other electrolyte powders, LMNT has no artificial ingredients and ideal for those who don’t eat higher sodium foods like bread, crackers, and/or cheese.


  • Fabletics. Great workout clothing that is comfortable and complimenting. My daily wear often includes something from Fabletics, from the joggers to their turtleneck sweatshirts.
  • Xero Shoes – I LOVE my xero shoes. These shoes are designed with posture and body alignment in mind. They come in a variety of flavors, but I use mine for walking and running.
  • This Nike fanny pack w/ multiple compartments, making it a perfect option for my various diabetes supplies.


  • Thrive Market Membership – Thank you, gods, for saving this momma time and money, filtering healthier choices for my staples and go-to’s. From body wash, sunscreen, makeup, to pantry items, I order from Thrive on average 3x a month. Looking at my app, it projects I will save just under $2,000 this year from the items I most often buy.
  • Get organized and even stay on task with COMMIT30’s journals, fitness trackers, and more.
  • Do you have a project that’s been hanging over your head? Use the x90 Planner to move mountains in just 90 days! (I just bought this for myself)



  • I LOVE my local yoga studio membership and I use it remotely too.
  • Yoga cards to enhance your practice or design your own routine at home.

  • Enhance your skin with this stocking-stuffer Jade Roller. I was gifted this last year and have added it to my nightly routine.
  • Depuff your eyes, with this eye cooling mask which can also be heated to help decompress from a long day and nurture dry eyes.
  • Jump rope – many workouts have moved to the basement or garage, and there is nothing better than a rebounding workout (supports immunity) using a trampoline or old-school jump rope.
  • Sleep is the secret sauce to health, and sometimes that can be ambushed when traveling. I have fallen in love with a travel sound machine to help remind my mind it’s time for bed regardless of the location I am in.

SERVICES – an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

  • What if you took 6 months to design a lifestyle to help you be the healthiest version of yourself? I have a proven program helping clients take control of eating the foods they love, but also love them back. As well, my lessons hone in on blood sugar levels, gut health, functional labs, targeted supplements, and more. $799/month & this package does include the Wheat Zoomer test.
  • What if you knew which foods loved you back? I have had a number of husbands purchase an MRT food sensitivity test for their wives. This test comes with a 50-page report but also an analysis of your results and recommendations from myself once I get your results. $799
  • What if you better understand how healthy your gut lining is and your true tolerance to gluten/wheat and leaky gut? My Wheat Zoomer test can serve as the 1 lab on directing you on your overall wellness and how to fuel your body and which supplements are worthwhile. $399
  • Kel’s Bi-annual, 6-week, Blood Sugar Control Masterclass. My next program begins on January 17th. The waiting list has opened! If you’d like a gift certificate for a seat in this class, send me an email.


  • Do Less – A Revolutionary Approach to Time and Energy Management for Ambitious Women
  • (For the kids!) The Sound Bites – written by author and speech pathologist Amy Grace Ullman. My kids couldn’t put this book down and what the story that put us asleep for a solid week straight. The Sound Bites book is a tool for caregivers during those critical early years of childhood development, as well as an engaging read-aloud story for kids.

  • I Love Trader Joe’s Cookbook – who doesn’t love Trader Joe’s? This book is inspiring, loads of fun and even a conversation piece. Thank me later.
  • I can’t help but add 1 more cookbook! The Defined Dish – Whole30 Endorsed, Healthy, and Wholesome Weeknight Recipes.
  • Lastly, as many of my clients and self has experienced loss over the last year or two, I found great comfort in this book – 7 Lessons From Heaven – How Dying Taught Me to Live a Joy-Filled Life.


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