Gadgets & Apps:

  • Every night I fill up 3 water bottles to help give me the structure of tracking my water goal each day. These gallon tracker bottles are also enjoyed by many of my clients.
  • Fitness trackers for the kids. The Easter bunny focused on movement this year and now that my kids can view their steps each day, we have been more motivated to have more “recesses” throughout the day.
  • I’ve been tracking my fasting using Zero. I am not aggressive with this, nor do I recommend being aggressive with your fasting, as it can be an added stressor on top of work, life, pandemic, homeschooling, etc. But this app helps me stop the nibbling in the evenings and I usually go 14 hours from dinner to breakfast.


  • For short 10 minute exercises, we all love jumping on our mini-trampoline. And, may I add, 10 minutes of jumping is tough! I do this if I feel like I’ve been sitting too much, or if I see my blood sugar is about 20 points higher than I want it.
  • Let’s talk about ankle and hand weights. I totes slip these on for a brainless way to work my body as I stay in place at home.
  • Shoutout to my favorite workout hosted by Shawne Marie Fitness. She has a bands & weights class every Monday, Tuesday, and Friday morning for $5. Email her with interest and she can set you up for her Zoom classes. Her workouts are by no means, a walk in the park, and I absolutely love them.

Routine Breakfasts:

  • 4-5 Jones chicken sausage links (Costco) with a small avocado
  • Birch keto pancakes/waffles
  • Chia pudding

Go-to Lunches:

  • 1 cup of cottage cheese and a big ass salad or leftover roasted veg, or both.
  • Low sugar smoothie
  • Turkey wrap, made with either the coconut wraps or one of the Seite options. This is good with a hummus-like dip as well. Last week I made hummus using hatch valley salsa and black beans.

Drafted Dinners:

  • Bun-less burgers with the works: grass-fed burgers from Costco with sliced red onion, fresh tomato, avocado, and homemade hummus. This is a fam fav!
  • Mexican white fish. I buy frozen wild cod, tilapia, pollock, etc, thaw from frozen in a pyrex pan and sprinkle taco seasoning on top (shoutout Primal Palate for making a great seasoning without all the fillers) of the fish filets and then I layer on some salsa verde (Trader Joe’s). I bake for 20 minutes, or until flakey, at 400F and we often pair this with black bean noodles (Trader Joes) and cilantro cauliflower rice, if I have the ingredients.
  • Chicken fingers and arugula salads. Melon on the side for the kids. Is anyone else going through melon like water?