How can we turn the need of having to stay at home into something positive? I admit it’s nice to be home, yet, the appeal is losing its sparkle after 6 weeks. After a rough day with work, homeschooling, etc, or maybe multiple days of hard, I called for a family meeting.

“How can we make this better? What would you like more of, kids? Is there any meal you’d like me to be sure to make this week?”

In less than 10 minutes, we regrouped, relaxed some expectations, and allowed for more independence for the kids, cycling in some fun ideas, while highlighting work, school, and wellness as non-negotiables. I picked up a Pro Bono client, donated my time to do a public webinar on wellness for my favorite charity JDRF and leading a program on Facebook, Kelly’s 10-Days of Wellness. Donating time, money, and or talent can be one of the most fulfilling things we can do.

If you organized a small family meeting with your unit, what would you plot? If you live alone, what would you design as part of your perfect staycation?

I asked a few friends for their tips and this is what they had to say:

“Happiness and survival: working out and walks/bike rides with the kids sprinkled in throughout the day. Seeing my school kiddos on Zoom. Getting out of the house and seeing Spring…a good reminder that there is life outside of our house!! Cherbourg and Saturday morning hikes. Driveway happy hours on Saturday afternoons!Funny gifs.Couch time at night…..we are totally into LEGO Masters!  – Michelle

“Time to change a few of my outdated expectations. Maybe not outdated, but they don’t seem to fit the current situation. Adjustments of expectations are for sure in need (for me).” – Jess

“Thank goodness for wine and Peloton!” – Katie

“Somehow, and thank goodness, I’ve created a village of gals on my street where we, rain or shine, meet up every weekend and sit in our own chair on a driveway or yard, with a drink of choice, and connect. These women have become my safety net, my venting wall, my go-to for all the things and so much more. They have been one of the best gifts out of all of this.” – Kelly

“Simplify clean-up and meal times by grilling outside. For happiness, get outside, regardless of weather.” – Emily

“Connecting with friends and sharing ideas!” – Bryn

Keep thriving friends! Comment below on how you are surviving the best way you can below. For some tips on mealtime short-cuts, click here.