Today, Thursday, I ate:

Breakfast: 8:30PM
Coconut eggs – 2 eggs, 3 ounces of coconut cream, tablespoon of coconut oil, tablespoon of coconut flour, fresh minced ginger, cinnamon, sea salt.
Large spoonful of sunbutter on top of sweet eggs (Crazy, yes! But so yum!)
Fish oil

Exercise: Clean house & gardening

Snack: 11:45AM
Glutamine fortified jelly (Jell-O)
1 large strawberry, sliced

Lunch: 1PM
Kangaroo burger, no bun
Again, cheese is not considered paleo but I wanted to test the affects it had on m blood sugar. Indeed testing m blood suagr before and after lunch I found the dairy elevated my blood sugars and in my opinion desensitized my insulin. It took more insulin to coorect my blood sugar. Note to self, say good-bye to cheese and the Robb Wolfe’s out there are correct – anyone with an autoimmune disease need to avoid this part of the cow (dairy).

Exercise: 3 mile walk

Snack: 4 PM
1/2 small banana

Catch-up with lovely girlfriends (@stekko & @leannemci): 6-8PM
Wine from South of Spain, Picante
(It was not my favorite. We are too spoiled in Melbourne with good wine from the region)
Shared order (between 3) of slow cooked chicken nachos – corn chips, cheese, peppers, jalapenos, chicken, avocado

Good-bye dairy – see you never and please do not tempt me in the future. Sincerely, Happy Blood Sugar