Today, the mercury as high, the sun was out and I felt alive and in the moment. Started the morning with brekkie and friends, treated us to a massage, parused the market, caught up with our favorite fruit and vegetable vendor, got in a quick lifting session and much more. How did your weekend treat you? Here’s a peak of what I ate today..

Breakfast: 9AM
Sat outside a local cafe sipping on green tea and water
2 poached eggs
Mushroom, though only had a few bites
Sausage, caper polents; maybe one bite. Did not love the flavors.

Exercise: Gym, lifting session

Treat: 1PM
Massage with the husband. And it was awesome. I never appreciated a massage, let alone really experienced a professional massage until I moved to Melbourne. There are massage boutiques all around our neighborhood and well worth the expense.

Lunch: 2PM
Tried a new place on Chapel Street in Prahran. It was called Three Monkeys and highly recommend. Such a cool vibe; vintage set-up but laid-back staff and fresh ingredients.
Salad with colorful tomatoes, chorizo, calamari and lemon vinaigrette.
Glass of champagne, brut

4PM – Coke Zero. I know, I know, not the best choice but so good on a summer day.

5PM – walked to miles or 3.3K to meet up with some friends at a pub.

8PM – watched Terminator 3 (loved seeing clips of Chicago!!) and ordered in. I had a warm chicken salad, which had chicken, tomato, onion and chicken. I also had the toping of one of my husband’s slices of pizza. It was really nice, some sort of cured meat.

11PM – 1/2 banana and nutbutter (to help stabilize my blood sugar, having alcohol in my system)