Type 1 diabetes can impact your mental health A LOT!⁠ For starters, we carry the weight of supporting and monitoring our blood sugar all day, every day.⁠

My self-care routine nurtures this mental burden and each day, week, year, I am inspired to seek out all things that can help. For inspiration, I will share a few of my self-care habits:

•I exercise most days, and I choose exercises that work well for my blood sugar control. I used to love HIIT training and heavy weight lifting, but they require more work on stable blood sugars. In 2019 I adopted a strong yoga & barre routine. I do not exercise every day, but I do exercise at least every other to maintain my insulin sensitivity.

•I take CBD/hemp most days to help with stress itself, but also support inflammation in my body, eye health, nerve function, sleep and more.

•I give back and engage in non-profits that support type 1s or type 1 research.

•I step outside every, if not most, afternoons. Rain or shine, I yearn for nature and in the end, it helps me be more productive.

•I am graceful with diabetes and I accept that I am not my blood sugar data. If I am high or low, the best thing I can do is learn from it and course correct. The only constant with type 1 diabetes is change, and sometimes that involves stepping back, taking a deep breath and riding the wave (without rage bolusing!).

What is your self-care routine with diabetes?