This year I am focused on how good I can fail. I want to fail so much that I learn to be the best at what I am trying to be and fail abundantly into the person and role model I aim to become. 

I have above-average blood sugar control and management of my diabetes, but that sure as hell hasn’t always been the case. I know what to do, how to course-correct out of range blood sugars because I’ve invested and learned from my failed attempts over 28 years of type 1 diabetes.

In fact, you are currently reading from the girl who wrote fake numbers on her blood sugar data sheets that were faxed to her doc weekly. Sorry, Dr Schuster.

So let’s dive in on how to fail more and fail better.

The more worthy fails you can perform, the better. But first, what is your goal? And this goal needs to be hard and challenging enough, you have room to fail.

So what is my advice?

You don’t want to fail on purpose in order to escape discomfort. This is called escape fails and examples would be:

  • Over-eating/drinking off-plan,
  • Not following through on commitments,
  • Not taking action, and more.

You want to fail, attempting worthy failures. 

Worthy failures are considered fails not because of the action you don’t take, but rather because you’re not progressing from the action you do take.

If your goal is to learn to ride a bike, the time you spend practicing and falling would be a worthy failure. Not trying at all would be escape failure. Make sense?

So what is the point in learning to fail better?

When you open yourself up to doing the unthinkable and failing regularly, your life becomes bigger!

Fail. Fail Again. Fail Even Better.

Good-bye 2019, crushing it in 2020.