Not Your Lifestyle.

This post comes about from two perspectives. As I type away to the Killers song, Human (great song), I only find myself as fortunate. A relative passed away this week, unexpectedly, and while I did not make it home for any unplanned holiday since Christmas, I am disappointed I did not get to spend more time with him, but I know I am blessed to of had him in my life and lucky that I have a supportive family and group of friends. Not everyday are we drawn to think about how short life can be, especially one that we don’t live every day. Be excited about the present.

This blog post was suppose to be an update on my BLCC (Biggest Loser Couples Challenge) and I am sad to say that the scale did not waver in my favor. But — it’s OK. I had a great week; well up to this point. I had a cookout over the weekend, planned and participated in a surprise birthday party and enjoyed Sunday outside.

Live your life. Not your lifestyle.

To live your life everyday, we need to live in the moment. If you’ve read my past postings, you know my thinking on food in that it is one of the best pleasures in life. Each day, really enjoy the food you eat.

This is something called Mindful Eating. This practice focuses on the present moment rather than habitual and unsatisfying behaviors. Learn more about mindful eating and you can improve your stress, possible anxieties and your relationship with food.

Environmental Nutrition has provided nine steps for thinking through your food:
1. Imagine that when you are eating it’s the first time you’ve experienced the food. AKA – don’t done it in point 5.2 seconds.
2. Take one piece of food and analyze. Notice the texture, smell, color, etc.
3. Bring it to your nose and lips. Notice memories and thoughts, regarding the food.
4. Put it in your mouth. Notice the initial taste, texture, sensations, and more.
5. Bite and chew the food slowly.
6. Swallow food and think about the path of the food from your mouth to your stomach.
7. Think about what is going on with the food.
8. Eat the second bite, just as the first. Enjoy it.
9. Consider how this experience with your food is different from past habits with eating.

Have a healthy and fit day!