If you’re someone who regularly eats at your desk, stay healthy by following these food safety tips from the American Dietetic Association.

Keep Your Cool:
Most desktop diners bring perishable food items for lunch, including sandwiches, fruits, vegetables and leftovers, which can spoil if left unrefrigerated for more than two hours. Help your brown bag go the distance by storing it in the office fridge as soon as you get to work. No fridge at work? Pack your lunch in an insulated lunch bag and put in an ice pack to keep foods cold.

Follow Fridge Safety:
Most perishable foods have a shelf life of just three to five days, so don’t wait for the clean-up crew to throw out your leftovers. Label and date your food and make sure to toss it in a timely fashion. Manage the Microwave: Be courteous when microwaving meals by keeping food containers covered. And if food splatters, wipe down the microwave immediately while the food is still easy to remove.

Avoid Corporate Sponging:
A damp, smelly sponge is a clear sign that harmful bacteria are lurking inside and simply rinsing a sponge with water isn’t enough to keep it clean. Don’t use the kitchen sponge if it’s not replaced frequently. Instead, use paper towels and always wash dishes in hot, soapy water to keep bacteria at bay.

Tools of the Trade:
Stock up on these essential food safety desk supplies:
Hand sanitizer
Disinfectant wipes or paper towels and spray cleanser
Office refrigerator or insulated lunch bag with freezer pack
Labels for leftovers

Produced by ADA’s Public Relations Team

Have a healthy and fit day!