Social distancing may keep us at home, but we can also set ourselves up to stay entertained, healthy and on a good routine. Don’t forget that boredom is good for us, and to lean into the lull of plans.

We had a family meeting and mapped out ideas we want to do for the week and my little unit is calling this time period, SCHMIDT CAMP.


  • I hope this didn’t scare (germs) my elderly neighbor across the road who lives alone, but we drew her pictures and left her notes to reach out to use for any needs. Is there someone close to your home, who could use the same?
  • Help the small business by you stay above ground. Let that be buying gift cards or ordering from them online; they need us.
  • Spoil yourself rotten with kindness and health. Is this a time for you to evaluate all that you can do for yourself? Not that the cost is worth it, but does this pandemic enlighten you to take better care of yourself and your family?
  • Call old friends and new ones. Call your Grandma every day. Now is the time to unite in a distant but meaningful communal way.


  • Keep it simple, and keep moving. Join me for the next 30 days in nature walks, but also committing to these 30 days of resistant exercises (takes less than 5 minutes!). We can do it. Printable pdf.
  • And while we are at it, let’s work on water too. Every day counts! Hydration is one of the easiest ways to improve your immunity.
  • 10 minutes of rebound work (enhances immunity) on a trampoline or do so by doing basic jumping jacks.
  • Be sure to block out time for you and alone time. Perhaps you wake up before others or sneak away during screen time or naps. Have your own space and refill your cup.


  • Khan Academy has great daily time tables for varying ages to keep an orderly house or have a draft of how to have structure while at home.
  • Use free resources on Youtube to teach your kids how to draw their favorite things. My 6-year-old knows how to work the remote and will pause the video when they need or rewind to re-do. YourTube drawing is a gift.
  • Buy some workbooks for your kids to work on, while you work.
  • Scholastic is offering free online courses to keep the kids learning.


  • Yoga for kids with the FREE Cosmic Kids YouTube Channel
  • Limit media and use screen time with no guilt
  • Bake or make fat bombs
  • Make a fort
  • Make an obstacle course with the cushions
  • Crafts – painting, Youtube kids drawing classes, science experiments, and more.
  • Family video games
  • Board games
  • Spring clean
  • Implement a weekly allowance and teach the kids fully how to do a variety of chores
  • Make an evening special and have a movie night
  • Make a page of a scrapbook on various days to remember this special family time together.
  • Have an online happy hour (with healthier wine!). We are planning on this tomorrow night with friends using FaceTime.
  • Implement a routine quiet time for naps or book reading. Have you read my book yet? Or viewed my online course? There is nothing like the present.


  • Nows the time to imprint some family traditions. Perhaps that is a show and tell each evening for what the day offered or something more unique to you. Staying home for weeks is an interesting time, but something I am sure we will crave in years to come.
  • Here are some ideas worth stealing


  • Plant seeds in an egg-crate and come Mother’s Day weekend, plant the seedlings outside in a garden. This is the first year I will be able to do this, and I look forward to keeping my seeds warm, to see them sprout and I will surely get the kids involved.
  • Family soccer games, basketball or driveway tennis.
  • Sidewalk chalk drawing and pretend stepping stones
  • Each week time yourselves running the block and back and award someone each week.
  • Walk when the sun is high in the sky and find uncrowded hiking paths.
  • The sky is the limit. Try your hardest to have fun and be a kid.

ONLINE SHOPPING: For shopping, opt for online options. I’ve linked a few of my favs below.

  • Pantry staples, bath/shower needs, pantry items, meat/seafood, and organic wine. I am so thankful for Thrive Market.
  • In the case you desire wine, opt for the healthiest version of this please from Dry Farm Wine. No dyes, no added sugar, no sulfites.
  • Try to still support small businesses. This crisis is creating unity, and purchasing online gift cards to small business can go a long way right now.
  • Quality supplements can go a long way right now. I trust Designs for Health and source protein powders from them, gut/immune support and more. *Using this link will support my business in a small way.
  • Workout clothing and affordable athleisure wear from Fabletics.