I will have to say it’s a different kind of feeling on the 4th of July living in a foreign country but it does not hold me back from being a proud American! On the outside looking in the top five things I miss the most:

1. My family. There is nothing like the polar feeling of missing those I care about the most. I think of my family every day and I feel blessed to have them.

2. My friends. Just as family, my friends at home can never be replaced.

3. American Sport; perhaps I should say American sport festivities. I am absorbing the good sport of rugby, AFL, cricket, footy, etc but I miss OSU tailgates, Super Bowl Sundays, Da Bears, my brothers and dad chanting for the Browns year-round, the Cubs, and hey, even the Columbus Clippers!

4. Cheap good food. Oh, and of course Coors Light and good old drip coffee! Amen.

5. Running into familiar faces.

Cheers to you and good health! Stay safe this 4th of July.