This blog post is dedicated to Bret Michaels, the most recently announced Celebrity Apprentice, for his dedication to fulfill what he was set out to do (win) — regardless of a appendectomy, brain hemorrhage and a slight stroke. For those of you who watched the most recent season, I would be confident to say that you were routing for Bret to win.

Bret, who stated no one can mistake his kindness for weakness, sure proved himself this week. Just writing this blog makes me emotional because I among millions of other Americans living with diabetes couldn’t have done what Bret did better or prouder. Living with diabetes is no joy ride and I know that living with any health condition isn’t either. And to the point of this blog, “Half Full,” signifies the optimism Bret embraces.

His positivity and outlook on life pulled him through every challenge that was presented on the show. He said it himself, he has injected himself with insulin over thousands and thousands of times, and each day throws you a curve ball. His attitude on life and love is something we can all takeaway from his example. Bret won contributing a quarter million of dollars to the American Diabetes Foundation!

So I leave you today pushing you to not sweat the small stuff and visualize your tasks with a glass half full.

Make it a healthy and fit day and for Bret to have a speedy recovery!