Today, 21/11/11, the start of my birthday week, I ate

Goals: Eat no grains, no potato, legumes, dairy, sugar!

Breakfast: 7:15AM
2 poached eggs
Sauteed spinach in bacon fat
Chromium Picolinate
Allergy Meds

Lunch: 1PM
Homemade cilnatro, garlic and pepper burger patty, maybe 4 ounces
Pumpkin dip, 1-2 tablespoons or 1 ounce
Leftover sauteed cabbage (the end of them, finally)

Exercise: 4 mile walk

Dinner: 6:30PM
Protein smoothie (spinach, coconut cream, chia seeds, why protein, raspberries)

Snack: 8PM
Steamed broccoli in organic tomato sauce
3 bites of my husbands burger patty

I head to Hawaii tomorrow for a friend’s wedding and I will likely track my food intake but not blog daily. Until then, think about any requests or questions you may want to ask me. Cheers to you and good health!