Today, 19/11/11, I ate..(and slept notta)

Breakfast: 8:45AM

Spicy Mexican Eggs (included spices and 3 poached eggs)
1/8 of gluten free bread to soak up the goodness
Allergy meds

Lunch with the girls: 1:45PM
Mussels in white wine sauce
Glass of wine
1 pce of gluten free bread and butter

Snack: 4PM
2 spoons of Almond, cashew, brazil butter with a date

Dinner: 6:45PM
Lamb and steamed vegetables
Glass of wine

Magnesium before bed

If I were to critique what I ate today – I would say I get a B. I did okay for eating out for all of the meals (yikes – yes all meals were eaten out) but the bread and butter could have been forgone. The desire to eat these things could be due to a variety of things but one thing I would target immediately was the poor sleep I has the night before. Sleep plays such a strong role on our appetites and hormone control. Be sure to get your Zzzz’s and I will do the same. 

Cheers to you and good health!