In 10 years of running a business, there is 1 routine I hold onto tightly and that’s my Friday ritual with my planner. I have built a ritual of closing my week on a Friday by writing out meetings and workouts for the upcoming week in my planner. This simple practice helps me feel organized, but more so, be more successful at getting in the movement I desire and need for my health goals and type 1 diabetes.

Do you have a weekly routine? 

  • A recent study demonstrated just how effective planning exercise for the week ahead is, including what, where, and when you will exercise. (PLOS ONE; 2012)
  • They recruited sedentary women who had a new exercise goal.
  • Half of the women were instructed to use a calendar to plan out their workouts ahead of time.
  • The other half were given no instruction at all.
  • The women w/ a plan were more likely to achieve their fitness goal more consistently and over a longer period of time than the women without a plan.

Learning the above, can you carve out a few minutes during your week to plan blocks of time to walk or book an exercise class? One small habit like this can prove to be effective and much more. You can do it!

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