Straight-up, diets aren’t a long-term thing. The basis of being on a diet is being in a deficit, and that isn’t comfortable. Humans crave and cave comfort. If you want to support a healthy way of eating, and sustain your efforts, review the tips in this guide and take-on the advice that is most helpful to you. Setting Difficult Goals

You cannot change your habits overnight, it’s a monumental task and you may find that it’s just not sustainable. Making smaller changes is the way to go. This could involve simple steps, such as cutting out soda. In fact, studies have shown that if you are able to cut out soda, you could lose up to 20 lbs in just over six months. If possible, you also need to avoid making your diet too restrictive. Having a treat now and again is always a good thing. In fact, you can learn how to make chocolate pudding by using this recipe if you want. Treating yourself is the best way for you to support your mental health, and it helps you to keep your eyes on the prize when it comes to your weight loss.

Domino Foods/Snacks

Diets sometimes deprive you of certain healthy nutrients and this can make you want to reach for snacks mid-afternoon or evening, especially. Focus on sourcing foods, meals and snacks that are in the whole food form. When we opt for whole foods, even over slightly processed, we will sense fullness faster and get a larger burn from digesting our food. Analyze how much whole food you eat at each meal and slowly make adjustments to crowd your plate with more whole food options. Use the power of 1% and move slowly towards this goal, so your palette can adjust for the longterm.

Following a Fad Diet 

Quick fixes are hard to not want. Yet, going from one diet to another or losing weight on a diet without having an end goal in mind can make it hard to stick to your plan. The best diet, or way of eating, is a regimen of foods you thoroughly enjoy, work for your goals, and are something you can sustain. Filling your plate 1/3 with non-starchy vegetables, 1/3 of protein sources, and 1/3 of carb-rich foods is a good first step to creating a balanced plate and one that supports hormone health, including blood sugars. Your body has to have a steady supply of glucose so that your brain can be fed and so you can boost your metabolism. 

Getting Distracted 

There are new diets hitting the market all the time, and it is easy for people to get distracted. Diets that claim that they can help you to lose weight in a very short period are usually not safe, nor are they effective. In the early days, you may begin to lose weight but when the diet stops, you’ll gain it back quickly because you are not making any other changes to your diet. Try and make minor changes to your life and be realistic about what you can commit to.  Everyone’s different, and by understanding your lifestyle, you can be sure to make more body-positive changes for 2023.

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